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I have seen repair kits available at auto parts stores for that situation but I have yet to use one. Let us know how you make out.

There is a Allen wrench screw on the back side of the plenum between the two gas lines that takes off a plate that holds the lines in. You can buy the replacment gas lines at napa and they cost $60.00. Not to hard to do but you have to take the top of the plenum off. about 6 screws and unplug about 3 or 4 electrical plugs. Not that bad it took me about 30 minutes to figure it out and i have never done it before. Saved me about $600.00.

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How do you replace drive shaft 2000 Chevy Blazer?

I have a leak on my drive shaft left front 2000 cheve Blazer I would like to replace the whole unit

How do you change starter relay on 91 S10 blazer?

you have to remove the starter to replace the relay and the relay cost almost as much as the whole starter so you are better off just replacing the whole starter.

Is there any other way to change heater on 2002 Chevy blazer other than pulling whole dash?


Is replacing the wheel bearing on a 2000 Chevy Blazer a do-it-yourself job?

Yes it can be. I think you need to replace the whole hub assembly

Can you replace a speed sensor on a 1998 Chevy Blazer without replacing the whole hub and bearing assembly?

yes you can but good luck finding one

How do you replace the cv boot on a 1991 Nissan Stanza?

you cannot just change the boot you will have to replace the whole axle

How do you change a hanger bearing on a Ford truck?

you don't, you have to replace the whole drive shaft.

How do you change roof lamp bulb on 2008 GMC 2500 HD?

you have to replace the whole assembly

How do you change ball joints on a 2006 Chrysler 300?

Replace the whole sway bar link.

How do you repair a whole in a fuel line on a 1991 blazer?

Replace it. If it is a metal section cut it with someting that will not make sparks or heat. Metal snips or somthing along that line will work but they distort the line, so you will have to bend it back into shape. Then take rubber fuel line and two clamps and replace the bad section. It shoul work for a while. Or you can replace the whole line.

How do you change the lights behind the heater controls in your 2004 buick rendezvous?

You can't just replace the lights you would have to replace the whole control cluster.

How do you replace the brake light on a 2001 Jeep Cherokee?

To replace the brake light bulb you need to remove the whole light assembly. Once removed the change is simple.

Your horn is not working how do you know if you need to replace the fuse or if you have to change the horn?

see if theres any current going through the fuse or just replace the whole horn

How do you change the crank position sensor on 1996 buick?

Actually, you don't replace the sensor itself. The crazy thing is part of the harmonic balancer, and you have to replace the whole thing.

How do you change a piston in 93 Crown Victoria?

if you have to change a piston, you need to rebuild the whole motor. your going to have it apart any nad have to replace all of the gaskets.

How to Change lower ball joints on a 96 dodre cirrus?

You can not just change the ball joint , you have to replace the whole lower control arm with ball joint.

How do you replace the oil filter lines located on an 1989 Chevy Blazer S-10?

Unless an aftermarket filter is installed, there are no oil filter lines. The filter is mounted on the engine block or a special mounting plate. I don't know about your 89 Blazer but my 93 S10 Blazer has oil filter lines leading from the place the oil filter would normally be mounted and the remote filter location under the air filter. I just had the oil filter hoses loose in my car to repair a leak in the block for the hoses where the normal oil filter would have been. I couldn't remove the hoses without removing the exhaust pipe but I was able to repair my leak by changing the o-rings on the hoses and the o-ring and gasket on the hose block on the engine. I had to remove the inner fender on the drivers side of the car to get tnough access to do the job and it took me about three days to do the whole job. I did a lot of trial and error to finally get it done. I have a 89 s10 blazer, oil filter is located on the drivers side wheel well cover, had my mechanic replace with new lines 6 months ago. No big deal other than hard to get to!

How can you change a fraction into a whole number?

Proper fractions can't become whole numbers. Improper fractions can only become whole numbers if the numerator is a multiple of the denominator. To find out, divide the denominator into the numerator. If there is no remainder, it's a whole number.

Can you replace a universal joint in a 2003 Honda CR-V or do you have to replace the whole drive shaft?

You have to replace the whole drive shaft.

The difference between a suit and a blazers?

Blazer is just the top. Suits is the whole outfit.

How do you change a front hub baring on a 2002 grand prix se?

You have to replace the whole assembly. Its pretty easy just unbolt the old one and put the new one on. I thought i would have to just replace the bearing but i had to buy the whole assembly for about $130

How do you change the rear tail light on the trunk of a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?

Replace the whole light assembly Their are no bulbs it is neon light

How do you change a 2005 Chevy silverado front wheel bearing?

It's a sealed unit with the hub. You have to replace the whole hub assembly.

How do you change the dashboard light behind the speedometer on a 2003 Chevy Silverado?

You can't you have to replace the whole dashboard instrument cluster assy.

Where is the shift solenoid on a 1998 ford escort?

its at the bottom of the tranni its a pain in the a** to change because you have to take out the whole tranni to fix or replace it.

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