Pontiac Grand Am

How do you change the head gasket on a 2001 grand am?

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2011-09-13 00:22:25

"replacing_or_servicing_a_cylinder_head" id=

"replacing_or_servicing_a_cylinder_head">replacing or servicing a

cylinder head

it`s a similar procedure as with any other car,need to remove the

timing chain,intake manifold,exhaust manifold and anything else

that's attached to the cylinder head,after you remove the head

bolts from the cylinder head , just pull the head out.Chilton

manuals are a great help.get the heads serviced at a machine

shop,clean the gasket area very well, and use new gaskets.you will

need the Chiltons manuall for replacing everything back,every

procedure,including tighning bolts has a sequence to follow and

specification for doin it, that you MUST follow.

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