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How do you change the head of a Oral-B crest spin toothbrush?

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Normally, electric toothbrushes have heads that are removed by twisting them and pulling them off.

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How can you sanitize your toothbrush at home?

Boil some water, and stick the head of the toothbrush in it.

How long do toothbrush heads typically last for?

Any type of toothbrush head typically for three months. Although if a person buys an electronic toothbrush, the unit can last for years, with only the need to replace the head to fit the unit.

How can one use an Interplak tooth brush?

An Interplak toothbrush is an electric powered toothbrush. The head rotates so that one can brush their teeth the same as they do when using a standard toothbrush. The head will polish the teeth and get in those hard to brush places.

What is a condor's crest?

The male Andean condor, has a naked fleshy crest on the top of head, called a caruncle.

What are the small feathers on the peacocks head called?

The feathers on top of a peacock's head are called a "head crest"

How can you tell witch pidgin is female?

You can tell with the little crest on there head but i do believe that the female has a bear head.

When was the toothbrush company Reach established?

The Reach toothbrush is not actually a company but a brand of toothbrush. Johnson & Johnson created the Reach toothbrush in the 1980's. It differed from other toothbrushes of its time due to the angled head. Also, the bristles of the brush were closer together which allowed it to clean the teeth better.

What is the thing on a quails' head called?

It is called a crest or plume.

What can you use to clean a network adapter contact head?

you can use a dry toothbrush or tissue

What does the squid use to balance while swimming in the water?

They have a crest on their head that balances them

Is electric toothbrush covered under flex spending?

A worn out toothbrush head loses it rigidity and form and this can trigger problems, bringing us to reason selection an individual. If you observed cautiously, you will discover that the bristles on oral toothbrush heads are of different measurements and angles. Get details on http://groomandstyle.com/top-5-best-electric-toothbrush-reviews/.

Does Amazon.com sell the Sonic toothbrush?

Because Amazon.com sells a plethora of products, there are many options for buying a sonic toothbrush on their trusted website. The prices range from cheaper power toothbrushes under $25, to those in the $100 to $200 range. Amazon also sells replacement toothbrush heads for your sonic toothbrush if the head becomes damaged.

What are the features of a Violight toothbrush?

The Violight toothbrush is one-of-a-kind toothbrush with unique rocking design. The features this toothbrush has are: six bright colors, replaceable brush head,perfectly balanced, ergonomic handle, great for kids of all aged,easier to hold than most manual toothbrushes and soft bristles for gentle yet effective cleaning.

What are the parts of a chicken head called?

The part of the chicken head is called the caruncle or the crest . These parts contain the eyes, beak and the comb.

What is a crest?

Answer:Peaks and troughs In electromagnetic waves -- or ocean waves, for that matter --A crest is the peak, or maximum height, of the waveforms. A troughs is the lowest point.The wavelength of a wave is measured from one crest (peak) to the next or from one trough to the next.A crest is a tuft or ridge on the top of a birds head. It can also be found on other animals.Answer:Crest: noun:A showy growth of flesh or feathers on the head of an animal; a tuft of feathers, bone, or fur on an animal's head.A decoration displayed above the shield on a coat of arms.The peak of a mountain, wave or hill; an upper part, edge, or limit.The highest level.

How do you make yourself throw up with your toothbrush?

There are two options to induce vomiting with a toothbrush. One method involves the use of the bristles at the head of the toothbrush, and the other method involves the use of the end of the toothbrush. Both methods are effective to some degree. However, any method to induce vomiting may not work for everyone. First, with the head of the toothbrush, to induce vomiting you wet the bristles and move the head back and forth on the back of the tongue. When you start gagging do not stop moving it back and forth. Do not remove the toothbrush from your throat until you have stopped vomiting. Be sure that you wash the entire toothbrush thoroughly when you have finished. Second, with the end of the toothbrush, to induce vomiting you wet the end and move it back and forth on the ridges at the back of your throat. When you start gagging do not stop moving it back and forth. Do not remove the toothbrush from your throat until you have stopped vomiting. Be sure that you wash the entire toothbrush thoroughly when you have finished. Whether or not you are using either method, after vomiting gargle with warm water mixed with a spoonful of baking soda to neutralize the gastric acids in your mouth before brushing your teeth, flossing, or rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash.

Between the dishwasher Listerine and boiling your toothbrush what is the best way?

I wouldn't put your toothbrush in the dishwasher or boil it. Both reach temperatures that can do damage to the bristles. Listerine is a good option. Sonicare has released a new toothbrush that comes with an ultraviolet light sanitizer compartment on it. So stick the toothbrush head in push the button and 10 min later completely sanitized. Maybe you should consider that instead.

What bird has white body with yellow feathers on head?

If you are referring to an Australian bird, and the yellow feathers on its head are a crest, then it would be a 'Sulpur-Crested Cockatoo'.

Which dinosaur had a crest on its head?

Many types of dinosaurs head crests. Some were hadrosaurs, such as Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, and Saurolophus. Others were theropods, such as Ceratosaurus or Allosaurus.

Did the velociraptor have things on the head?

Velociraptor didn't have any crests, horns, or other head ornamentation. However, they were feathered and it is possible that they had colorful head a maybe even a crest made of feathers.

Is the only type of ratite with a crest on its head a southern cassowary or are there some types of emu with crests?

There is only one species of emu (that is not extinct) and it does not have a crest, or helmet. None of the other ratites has a helmet.

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