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How do you change the headlamps on a 1990 Nissan pickup truck?

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2015-07-14 15:06:42
2015-07-14 15:06:42

On my 91 Nissan pickup I had to remove the black plastic grill using a screw driver to release the white sqare connectors. It was a tight fit arround the headlights but it finally came off. The bottom of the grill had no connections but just sat in notches. Once off, the 4 small Phillips screws were sprayed with WD-40, these screws hold the head lamp in place. Putting the grill back on after installing the head lights was a challenge. The white square connectors fell off so I use plastic wire ties to install the top of the grill. It worked just fine and the ties are not seen when the hood is down.



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