How do you change the headlight bulb in your 97 Nissan Altima?

Pop open your hood. You may have to remove the coolant reservior or battery depending which side, unless you have tiny hands. Look for the electrical connection and unplug it. You will see "push" written on the rubber cover, squeeze the sides inward and you will feel two tabs give, then the plug will slip out. Next unscrew the plastic ring that surrounds the connector. Next, peel off the rubber insulator to access the bulb. There is a metal key ring that holds the bulb in place. Push down and out on the tab part and the keyring will fold downward. The bulb can now slip out. Remember not to touch the new bulb with your fingers because oil will short it out, use a towel or gloves. Typical bulbs cause about 10 bucks.

Changing the passenger side head light bulb should be straightforward, provided that the coolant reservoir can be removed easily.

On my Nissan Altima 96, after removing the fixing screw, the coolant reservoir seems stuck. No there is no second screw fixing it, as suggested by some people. For removing the coolant reservoir easily, push it slightly towards the center line of the car, which will disengage a "click" mechanism between the black plastic holder underneath and the coolant reservoir. Then lift it up, using some extra force if necessary.