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How do you change the headlight on a 2001 Ford Escape?



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BarrytheDude was not wrong on this answer. The question was on replacing a headlight, NOT a bulb. Please read properly from now on.

Make sure the headlight switch is in the off position

1. Push in the two tabs on each side of the electrical connector and pull it away from the bulb.

2. Pull on the tabs of the rubber boot surrounding the assembly where the connector was, and pull it off the assembly.

3. You will see a retainer spring that attaches to one side of the bulb holder. The other side has two circular ends. Gently push the circular ends in (towards the front of the car) and then separate them. This allows the spring to open (towards the rear of the car) away from the bulb. you should be able to pull the bad bulb out. There are three tabs that you need to align to place the new bulb in. Take a moment to note where they are.

4. Do not touch the glass of the new bulb, the oil from your hands could cause it to burn out when you turn the light on! Place the new bulb into the socket, replace the spring attachment, replace the rubber boot and attach the electrical connector, and you are finished.

Test the light for proper operation.


Great answer. It helped me to change the passenger-side light first to know how everything fit before I tackled the side blocked by the battery.