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How do you change the headlight on a C5 Corvette?

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It is a tough job that is for sure! Take a look over at and get a full diagram of how exactly to do it! Good luck!

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How to change headlight actuator motor 1988 Corvette?

I have a 1988 corvette I need to change the headlight motor but cant get the motor free from the body This answer is a question.

How do you replace a 1993 Corvette headlight dimmer switch?

How do I change the dimmer switch on my 1993 corvette?

How do you adjust the headlight cover on a 2002 corvette z06?

There is another great diagram over at in the C5 technical section! Good luck!

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1999 Chevy Corvette?

On a 1999 C5 corvette manually put the flip up headlight in the up position, remove the plastic headlight trim around the headlight with three screws... put your bare arm under the raised headlight and remove the turn signal bulb with a careful twist.

Why your c5 Corvette lope at idle when coming to a stop?

why does my C5 corvette idle poorly ,just for a few seconds when coming to a stop?

Will 2007 stock c6 Corvette wheels fit a c5 Corvette?


When was a c5 Corvette made?


C5 chevroloet Corvette?

I have one. Thanks for asking.

What does the C mean in c5 Corvette?

C stands for Corvette, 5 stands for 5th generation.

What causes 2003 Corvette headlight not to go down?

what causes 2003 corvette headlight to not go down

Will Corvette LS3 engine fit in c5 Corvette?

Yes it will, to get the details on the swap feel free to drop by and just ask the question in the C5 section! Good luck!

Where is the ground on a C5 Corvette?

What are you looking to do? Well there are atleast a dozen good grounds on the C5 let alone any Corvette. CorvetteDon, as he is well known at has a animated picture of all the grounds on a C5. Jump over there and hit him up!

How difficult is it to change the oil filter on a 1994 Corvette?

I never owned a C4 Corvette. I went from C3's to a C5. I can't help you personally but I do knwo where I get a lot of my tech help. I

What years were the C5 Corvette made?

1997-2004, although the 2001-2004 models were much better for the C5

Will Corvette z06 engine fit in c5 Corvette?

yes..its the exact same thing but different internals and such

How do you replace the front headlight on a 2007 zo6 corvette?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 2007 Chevrolet Corvette headlight. Remove the headlight retaining bolts. The headlight will come out and can be replaced.

Where is the spare tire for a 1998 Corvette?

On the C5 Corvette, there is no spare tire. The closest you can get to a spare tire is on the C5 Z06 models. They had an option that included a 12-volt air pump and a can of Fix-A-Flat.

Where is the camshaft sensor on c5 Corvette?

If you are underneath the car its on the bottom of the engine on the starter side. Not too difficult to get to and change. In the C5 Tech section over at you will see a thread on how to change this. Pretty easy once you see the diagrams of it. Good luck!

How does roof come off frc c5 Corvette?

It doesn't. That's why they call it an FRC (Fixed Roof Corvette)

How do you disable the daytime running lights on a c5 corvette?

Remove the fuse.

What Corvette has the largest trunk?

C5 has a very large trunk area.

Where you egr valve on 2000 Corvette?

No where.They didn't have them on any C5!

How do you install a heads up display on a c5 2000 corvette?

When balancing a Corvette C5 Magnesium Wheel do you have to put weights on the front of the rim?

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What years were the Corvette C5 manufactured in?

The Corvette C% was manufactured and distributed by Chevrolet from the years 1997 through 2004. They are a hot item on today's Corvette resale market.

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