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Open the hood. Locate the back of the first headlamp. Gently slide back the rubber "boot" around the wire feed-through. Gently remove the wire connectors. You should see 2 wire clips that hold in the light bulb; unclip them. Remove the bulb.

To install new bulbs, reverse the procedure, but note the following: - the bulbs are "keyed" so that they only fit into the socket one way; rotate the bulb until it is properly seated in the socket. - the wire connector is also keyed. Make sure you get it properly aligned before you push it on. - the space behind the passenger's side headlamp is limited. It helps to remove the air cowling so you can reach the parts. Dont drop any parts.

good luck.

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Q: How do you change the headlights and daylight running lights of a 2000 VW Passat?
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