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I don't know what a fiesta is (similar to Honda Civic?), but most Honda heater core changes I have done (Accord, Civic, Prelude) involve removing the glove box and related bits, disconnecting the heater hoses in the engine bay from the heater core, and then removing the part of the blower housing that holds the heater core. It's a fairly involved, but not very difficult job. You will save time if you can get a factory service manual for your vehicle. Sometimes a kind soul at a dealership will give you a peek at the book or even photocopy the relevant pages.


for most heater cores it is under the dash board in a black box it is a pain to get to but once you do u have to take the bolts out of the firewall and then pull the whole box out and take all the screws off the box and there it is

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Q: How do you change the heater core on a 1991 Honda Fiesta?
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