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How do you change the heater core on a 97 passat wagon with a VR6?

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August 29, 2005 12:47AM

Sadly you need to remove the entire dash board to get to the heater core. It is straight back from your stick against the fire wall. It is encased inside a large plastic box which is attached to the AC Unit (which is encased in a large plastic box). You can detach the heater core encasing unit from the AC Unit encasing or you can detach both, but you will likely lose your AC unit by getting air or dirt in the hoses. Once removed you can replace the heater core and have fun trying to put it back in. Some clips that hold the two units together will not be able to be replaced (though it doesn't matter much) so that is the risk you run by not removing both units. Yes, this is a major! If you want the service bulletin for a B5 just post your email/hotmail address and I will upload the pdf file for you. Let me know if you want the manual AC or Climatronic information. Regards The service bulletin for this topic can be found at this Russian site. http://volkswagen.msk.ru Many of the bulletins are in English.