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How do you change the heater core on a Dodge Durango?


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Remove the instrument panel using the following steps
  1. Disconnect the battery negative cable.
  2. Remove the trim from the sills of both doors.
  3. Remove the trim from the cowl side inner panels on both sides.
  4. Remove the steering column opening cover.
  5. Remove the inside hood release latch.
  6. Disconnect the overdrive lockout switch, if fitted.
  7. Remove the steering column. Do NOT remove the air bag, steering wheel or switches. Be sure the steering wheel is locked and secured from rotation to prevent loss of clockspring centering.
  8. Detach the parking brake cable and switch.
  9. Disconnect all accessible wiring harness connectors, ground wires, headlight wiring, sound system, etc., from the instrument panel.
  10. Disconnect the vacuum harness connector on the left side of the heater-A/C housing.
  11. Remove the center support bracket from the instrument panel.
  12. Remove the ACM ground line. Disconnect the ACM harness.
  13. Remove the glove box.
  14. Disconnect the radio antenna.
  15. Disconnect the blower motor wiring harness.
  16. Disconnect the speakers.
  17. Disconnect the radio ground wire.
  18. Loosen the right and left instrument panel cowl side roll-down bracket screw about a quarter of an inch.
  19. Remove the screws that secure the top of the instrument panel to the top of the dash panel, removing the center screw last.
  20. Pull the lower instrument panel rearward until the right and left cowl side roll-down bracket screws are in the roll-down slot position of both brackets.
  21. Roll down the instrument panel and install a temporary hook in the center hole. Support the panel.
  22. Disconnect the remaining wiring.
  23. Disconnect remaining hoses.
  24. Remove the panel.
  25. If the vehicle is equipped with A/C, recover the refrigerant. See "Note" above.
  26. Disconnect the liquid line refrigerant line fitting from the evaporator inlet tube.
  27. Disconnect the accumulator inlet tube.
  28. Drain the cooling system.
  29. Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes.
  30. Remove the nuts from the heater-A/C mounting studs on the engine compartment side of the dash panel.
  31. Remove the nut that secures the heater-A/C housing mounting brace to the stud on the passenger compartment side of the dashboard.
  32. Pull the housing rearward far enough for the mounting studs and evaporator condensate drain tube to clear the dash panel holes.
  33. Remove the housing from the vehicle.
  34. Installation is the reverse of removal.
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