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this is for a 2002 doge durango, it must be the same



The ignition key must be in the key cylinder for cylinder removal.

# Disconnect negative cable from battery. # Remove upper and lower covers (shrouds) from steering column. # Place shifter in PARK position.

# A retaining pin (Fig. 9) is located at side of key cylinder assembly. # Rotate key to RUN position. # Press in on retaining pin while pulling key cylinder from ignition switch.


The ignition key must be in the key cylinder for cylinder installation.

# Install the key cylinder into the housing using care to align the end of the key cylinder with the ignition switch. # Push the key cylinder in until it clicks. # Replace the upper and lower shrouds. # Reconnect the battery.

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Q: How do you change the ignition lock cylinder on your 2001 Dodge Durango?
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You will have to destroy the old one to remove, possible by drilling straight through it.

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Remove the covers to the steering column, then use a small screw driver and push in tab on bottom of cylinder with key in run position and pull out.

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Are you sure the key is inserted in all the way, try it with a different key. Make sure the wheels are not turned either fully to the right or left. You may have to remove the panels around the ignition cylinder to see if anything is restricting the cylinder from turning all the way. I know normally you must put it in the run position in order to be able to remove the cylinder but, have you tried removing it while it was in the locked position. You might be able to press the cylinder lock pin with it in the lock position. It could be that a tumbler has come loose and jammed cylinder.

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Cylinder #7 Misfire

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In the firewall behind the master cylinder.

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Doesn't have one.

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