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Go down to the local Advance Auto and pick up an ignition switch #S77($13.48) and a ignition lock cylinder #LC14($5.93). With a little work and a whack on the counter the cylinder will go into the switch. (Thanks for helping, Eric!) Back home, use a slot screwdriver and a hammer (there is actually a tool for this I'm sure) to remove the retainer for the ignition from the dashboard. When it comes off the switch is loose. Drop it out from the dash and remove the plug. Plug in the new switch/cylinder setup, slip it into place in the dash and spin the retainer back on. It will probably require the help of another person to hold the switch in order to tighten the retainer down so the switch doesn't spin as you once again use the slot screwdriver and hammer.

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Q: How do you change the ignition lock dashboard mount in a 1979 F100 keys are lost?
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