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Each of the two clear plastic lenses is held in place by three small tabs on the lenses themselves. At the lens covering the bulb to be replaced, put a small flathead screwdriver between the lens and the colored plastic at the tab nearest the door and gently pry in; the lens should drop down. Do the same for either of the remaining tabs and the lens should drop out.

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Q: How do you change the interior reading light bulb in 2000 Sienna?
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Just did that tonight. Mine has map lights in the middle position. Figure out where the hinge is, and gently pry at that point.

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Carefully pry off the Reading Light Lens, pull the bulb straight out, push the new bulb (#194) straight in until it stops, carefully reinstall the lens matching the tabs with the slots...

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The interior of the car is whale penis

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It can be quite simple to change the car interior light bulbs. A person has to Turn off the power of the car, Remove the lens, and the bulb, clean the fixture,and install the new bulb and lens.

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hi,,does any one know how to change the 2004 sienna headlight low beam light bulb? the high beam can be open turn it counterclockwise,,but can't open on the low beam,

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Make sure the total odometer reading is dispalyed, then turn the car off (no power). Press and hold the odometer reset switch (next to the odometer) while turning the key to the accessories position. The odometer reading is replaced by 5 dashed lines which will disappear at the rate of approx. 1 per second. When this is finished, the original odometer reading will be displayed and the maintenance light should be extinguished for another 5000 miles. This procedure is also listed in the Sienna owners manual. Hope this helps.

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I have a 2000 sienna..........and had that light come has to do with the braking system

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