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If memory serves the '87 has a solid mount system that is a rubber unit that is molded inside a steel sleeve. Support the engine /tranny with a jack. Remove the chassis bolt that goes through the center of the mount and chassis ear lugs. Remove the bolts that hold the mount and it's adapter to the transmission. Use a hacksaw to cut a slot on the inside sleeve of the mount, just cut the sleeve not the mount adapter. When cut us a hammer to tap the mount out of the holder. Make sure you make a note of the proper orientation of the mount. Position a new mount insert on the adapter and use a 6-10 ton hydraulic press to drive the mount insert into the adapter. Don't try to use a hammer, you'll just bugger up the mount and have to redo it anyway. Installation is the reverse of removal. When done loosen all mount center bolts and start the engine so it will align properly. Shut it down and re-tighten the mounts.

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Q: How do you change the left hand gearbox mount on an 87 rabbit golf cabriolet?
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