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Have someone support the door while you take a thin flat screwdriver and pry the metal clips off of the ends of the old support. Once the clips are off, the old support will pop off. The new one is just pressed into place with the clips on.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-25 14:49:24
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Q: How do you change the lift supports on the dutch door of a GM safari van?
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I did this on a 93 Safari. You have to take the inside arm rest / handle off of the door, then remove the entire door panel. There's an insulation, sound deadening sheet glued to the door beneath the panel. Some of that will have to be pulled back as well. After that, it's all about contorting your arms into shapes you never knew they could make by reaching way up inside the door, loosening a few nuts on the back side of the handle itself and pulling it out through the outside. Probably would help to have a friend when you try to put the new handle on.

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Replace the door lock actuator/solenoid. They get destroyed with moisture or burned out if someone's leg leans on them for a long period.

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Where can you find details about the Nissan Patrol Safari with six cylinder ohv petrol engine 4x4 three door?

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Is it hard to change from power windows to manuel in a 1997 gmc safari?

Its not a hard job if you have the complete door and change it as an assembly other wise the mounting is all different for the manual set up, if changed be sure to remove the fuses that deal with the power windows because all of this will not be needed for the manual window controls