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Hey Chet==It is quite an involved operation as you need special tools and a front end alignment when through. Get a manual on your vehicle from Auto zone and it will have pictures and everything. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you change the lower ball joint on a 98 Chevy Blazer?
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Where is the starter on a 95 Chevy Blazer?

Look at the lower rear of engine

How do you change a lower ball joint that is pressed in?

how do i change lower ball joint that is pressed in on a 99 tahoe

Can you lower a Chevy Blazer s10 4x4?

you dont. go get a 2 wheel drive if your going to lower it

How many ball joints are on a 1998 Chevy blazer?

There is 4, 2 on each side behind the front wheels, You have a upper and lower ball joint. 1 on each controll arm.

How do you change the lower ball joint for Mitsubishi diamante 1994?

How to change the lower ball joint for Mitsubishi diamante 1994

How do you change the lower left ball joint on a 92 chev s10 blazer 4x4?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1992 Chevrolet S 10 Blazer. Removing the brake assembly and the brake rotor will give you more room to work. Remove the ball joint nut. Pound the ball joint out with a hammer. Reverse the process to install the new ball joint.

Lower intake torque specs for 2000 Chevy Blazer?

11 ft lbs

Where can you find the vin on Chevy blazer?

Lower left corner of the windshield, viewed from outside.

Can i see the fuel line connections to the fuel pump on your Chevy blazer?

If you lower the fuel tank you can.

How do you put lower ball joints on 1994 Chevy S10 blazer. having problem getting it in straight. Am I sopose to put one end in first. How should it go in?

need to use a ball joint press.

How to Change lower ball joints on a 96 dodre cirrus?

You can not just change the ball joint , you have to replace the whole lower control arm with ball joint.

How do you remove the half shaft of a 1993 Chevy blazer?

by separating the lower balljoint and sway bar on that side

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