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Remove the 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass intake manifold retaining bolts. The manifold will come off. Remove the old gasket. Clean the surface. Put the new intake gasket and tighten the intake manifold retaining bolts.

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Q: How do you change the lower intake gasket on a 95 Olds Cutlass Supreme 3.4DOHC?
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Could a bad thermostat cause water to get in the oil in a 94 cutlass supreme 3.1?

nope, bad head gasket..

What tools are required to replace a head gasket on a 93 cutlass supreme 3.4 L DOHC?

Basic mechanics sockets, ratchets, and extensions, plus a good torque wrench.

How do you change head gasket on Renault Megan?

You can change the head gasket by removing the valve cover. Remove the gasket and clean the gasket surface. Put the new head gasket on the cleaned surface.

How much would it cost to replace a broken head gasket on a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

The cost of the head gasket itself would be anywhere from approximately $20 - $40 per piece (there are two head gaskets, as 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme has a V6 engine) depending on whether you have the 3.1L or 3.4L DOHC engine. Most of the cost will go to labor; it is a time-consuming job. Best to call a few shops to compare and get estimates on actual labor and parts prices. If anyone has more detail on labor cost, please chime in.

How do you change the thermostat on a 1989 Cutlass Ciera?

the thermistat is located inside the upper radiator hose, where it connects to the motor. have the car off and cold. just unbolt it and pull the old w/gasket. replace with new and gasket. bolt in. the attach hose. top off antifreeze

How do you change a Harley sportser head gasket?

How to change head gasket on a harley sportster motorcycle?

When changing timing chain gasket on 350 Chevy do you have to change the pan gasket?

yes you have to change the pan gasket when doing the timing chain

How do you change a valve cover gasket on craftsman?

With RTV gasket silicone. There is no stock gasket not even from the factory.

How do you change the head gasket in a 1988 Buick regal?

Procedure to change 1988 Buick regal head gasket

How do you replace the head gasket located on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.4L?

To replace the head gasket on a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass 3.4L, everything on the top of the motor needs to be removed. The battery should be unhooked first, then the valve covers, then the head itself. Replace the new gasket after cleaning the old gunk off from the first gasket. It is a good idea to take a picture before, during, and after, to make sure everything is hooked up like it should be. One note, the valve cover gasket will also have to be replaced after removal.

Should you be charged an oil change when you have a gasket replaced?

If you needed a gasket and they replaced it then yes you would be charged for the gasket.

How do you change valve cover gasket on Daewoo nubira?

hoe tdo you change a valve cover gasket on a daewoo nubira

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