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How do you change the motor mounts on a 1986 GMC half ton pickup?


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for any auto repair, consult your repair manual. if you do not have the required tools, manuals or knowledge to complete the repair then you need to consult a certified mechanic.

any mess-ups that you make while doing your own mechanical work can be catastrophic. engine parts must perform their job up to 100 times per second, and anything that is installed incorrectly can cause bad performance or even system failure, possibly damaging other components and increasing repair costs.


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There are four motor mounts on the 1986 Buick Park Ave. There is one motor mount on each corner of the motor. The motor mounts will be on the bottom of the motor.

If it is on the bottom of the wiper motor-just unclip and it twists out

I'm trying to find that site that has 4.3 V6 motor frame mounts for a 1986 Chevy C10 pickup. PLease help me locate it ? I would appreciate it very much. thank you.

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The 4.3 is a V6. If the Sierra had a V6 in it, then it will. If it had a V8 in it, then you will have to move the motor mounts and/or purchase motor mounts for the conversion.

it will you mill need new bolts and about 2 grand

the 1986 Chevy truck 305 HO produced 180 hp

Where is the drain plug for 86 nissan pickup

A Cutlass is more or less the same thing as a Malibu or Monte Carlo. You could use motor mounts from either of those.

Yes but you will have to change the motor mounts smog and electronics such as the ECU and fuel fomputer and possiably fuel pump because the 2.9 is fuel injected and the pump wont supply the propper fuel preassure to feed he engine..

a B16? yes as long as you can get it with the ecu, the wiring harness, transmission, and the custom motor mounts(Hasport has them)

You can change your 1986 305 cubic inch pickup engine from a carburetor to fuel injection. The problem with doing so is the cost. It might cost more to do the change than it would to purchase an engine.

top rear of the motor, next to the distributor

1985 was the last year of the rear wheel drive celicas. As far as I know, no front wheel drive celica used the 22r motor. If it truly is a 22R motor it will fit the pickup, provided the pickup has a 22R motor. Some of the later ones have a different 4 cylinder or V6 motors. Of course, the induction and exhaust systems will be different in the car and pickup, but those from the pickup should bolt to the replacement 22R motor.

need picture of fuseblock for 1986 chevy k10 pickup

The bellhousing, the starter, the exhaust manifords, maybe the flexplate (flywheel) and the computer, and probably the motor mounts. I'm not sure if the V6 crossmember that the motor mounts bolt to will have to be changed or not. I guess it might.

It will fit no problem as the holes in the frame for the mounts are there already. Take the mounts and the saddles for the mounts. Problem is the Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac and Buick bellhousings are the same while Chevrolet are different. So you'll need the Transmission also to complete the swap.

How do you install an alternator belt on a 1986 GMC s15 pickup truck

yes you can its a straight swap you don't even have to change engine mounts

Backfiring in any motor is either badly out of time or a burnt valve.

The 1986 Toyota Pickup wiring diagram can be found here:

no the motor setup is totally different. the spark plug is on the other side. It will only work if you have mounts welded to the frame.

Same as pretty much any other nonconventional motor swap. Custom mounts, hoses, crossmembers, exhaust, linkages, tuning.

the firing order is 1-3-4-2. when facing the motor, the cylinders are numbered 1 through 4 front to back

I'm no expert but possibly the cylinderhead is leaking or cracked dropping water into the engine crankcase via the pistons.

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