How do you change the neutral safety switch in a 1988 Grand Prix LE?

If your talking about the Neutral Start (Starter Safety)


1. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Caution: On models equipped with the Theftlock audio system, be sure the lockout feature is turned off before performing any procedure which requires disconnecting the battery.(This switch is also referred to as the PNP (Park-Neutral Position) switch.

2. Shift the transaxle into Neutral.

3. Raise the vehicle and support it securely on jackstands.

4. Trace the wire harness from the Neutral start switch to the connector and unplug it. Detach the wire harness from the two retention clips.

5. Lower the vehicle.

6. Disconnect the electrical and vacuum connectors from the cruise control servo if equipped. Remove the servo and set it out of the way on the cowl.

7. Remove the nut and detach the shift lever from the transaxle.

8. Remove the bolts and detach the switch. If the original switch is to be reinstalled, scribe a sharp line on the switch mounting bracket around the heads of the mounting bolts before the switch is removed. This will aid in position the switch on installation.

9. To install the switch, line up the flats on the shift shaft with the flats in the switch and lower the switch onto the shaft.

10. Install the bolts. If the switch is new and the shaft hasn't been moved, tighten the bolts. If the switch requires adjustment leave the bolts loose and follow the adjustment procedures below...


11. Line up the outer notch on the switch with the inner notch on the shift shaft and tighten the switch bolts.

12. Connect the negative battery cable and verify that the engine witll start only in Neutral or Park.