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How do you change the number 6 plug on a 97 Nissan Pathfinder?

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I just did this last weekend... it is not real easy but is NOT impossible.. You just have to get a medium sized extension and you need like a knuckle type reducer or attchment for your plug socket that has adjustable angles... i was initially worried i would not be able to get enough torque but had no problem. use the housing as a guide for the angle of your wrench and take note of the plug boot's angle when you remove the boot... after the boot is removed you can actually see the plug from the left side (passenger side) of the engine... hope it helps.. also be careful of your brake lines while changing this plug..

In addition to the previous answer - try to get the OEM spark plug removing tool. It's usually included with the truck in one set with a hydrolic jack lift. It looks like a tube. There are two of those one is shorter. Use it. Good luck.

The above is correct - the factory kit is Nissan's kindness to us DIY'ers. The short pipe is good for #6 and the angled rod with one end flattened is part of it - I unbolted the wire retainer so I could get 180 degrees per turn. So easy with the factory tools. The long pipe works well for the other cylinders. Once I realized I had the right tools, the job was relaxing and my new iridium plugs went in quickly.

A few things to add. I found it helpful to remove the hood first. That way you can just climb up onto the engine compartment to get a much better angle of attack. There are four bolts that hold the hood on. Don't forget to disconnect the windshield washer line before removing the hood. Also, there is a tab on the intake manifold that marks where the plug is. When trying to get the tool on the plug, angle the tool slightly toward the front of the vehicle.

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The oil drain plug on a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder is located under the engine. Maintenance includes replacement of the oil pan gasket.

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According to Nissan Service Manual, the Correct gap for the spark plug is .041

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