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How do you change the oil in a 1991 Geo Tracker?

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2006-08-02 00:20:43

Go to your local parts store and buy the correct oil filter and

5 litres of oil. Then place a wide pan (able to hold 5 litres)

under the oil pan. Lay on the ground or a creeper and slide under

the engine, on the bottom of the oil pan there is a bolt (not

holding the pan to the engine block) undo this bolt and catch all

the oil in the pan on the ground. Now using an oil filter wrench

remove the oil filter and catch that oil in the big pan too. Take

the new filter and dip your finger in some oil, and wipe that oil

on the rubber seal on the oil filter. Clean the oil filter location

on the side of the engine block and thread the oil filer on and

hand tighten it DO NOT tighten with the wrench. Clean the drain

plug and the drain hole on the oil pan and thread the plug back in

be carfull not to tighten too hard with the wrench it only takes

about 5 foot pounds. Now fill the engine with 3 litres wait a

minute and check the oil level on the dip stick. Add oil until dip

stick says it's full, it should take about 4 litres.

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