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Locate oil drain , usually a small pipe with a cap on it, open it, remove the dip stick let drain, replace cap , fill to dip stick level,

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Q: How do you change the oil in a 26hp kohler engine on a craftsman garden tractor?
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What is the model number for a sears craftsman gt5000 garden tractor with a 25hp kohler engine and a 48 mowing deck?


Where can an owner's manual for a 1980 GT11 Craftsman Garden Tractor be found?

to fix a sears tractor

How do i find value of dgt craftsman garden tractor?

go to the park

Which store sells a tractor cab?

A store that sells a tractor cab is Sears. For example under the topics Lawn and Garden and Tractor attachments, listed is a Craftsman brand Tractor Cab.

Garden Tractor?

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What kind of transmission oil for craftsman garden tractor?

Agear drive will use 90 wt whereas a hydro will use 10W30.

Trouble shooting kohler engines?

Craftsman garden tractor w/ Kohler 14 hp eng. dies when warmed up- why ?

What kind of oil does a 26hp kohler motor on a craftsman garden tractor use?

The oil to use for the 26hp Kohler motor on a Craftsman garden tractor will depend on the temperature outside. Use a 10-30 blend in the summer and a 5-30 blend in the winter months. The brand of oil does not matter as long as it is not a synthetic blend.

Can the date of manufacture of a Craftsman Garden tractor model 917.2559101 be determined from the first 6 digits of the serial 0800S04390?

just call sears, they should be able to tell you

Why does my Craftsman garden tractor stop running when I release the clutch-brake?

Either the machine does not "know" or the clutch/brake switch is bad. Either way it is a safety switch

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