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How do you change the oil on a 1983 Yamaha XJ750 and location of the drain plug?

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bottom of motor. be a 17mm bolt.

The drain plug is located on the left side of the engine. It is close to the bottom, just under the side cover.

To change the oil in a Yamaha SRX-6 park on a level area and unscrew the oil drain plug nut which will allow the oil to drain into proper receptacle. Remove the oil filter and replace the drain nut plug. Replace filter with proper model and add the correct amount of oil according to the dipstick.

Here is a great site with pic's...

drain plug under the 4 wheeler and oil filter on right side

Step 1 Drain it Step 2 fill with 2 stroke oil

I have a Yamaha 350 big bear, and differential drain plug is on the bottom of the differential. Just remove the plug and let it drain, put the plug back in and fill it back up... i use just regular gear oil

how do you drain the tank on a v star 650

It should be on the left under the gear change, it'll probably be like a little bolt.

To drain the gas from a 2000 Yamaha TT-R, disconnect the fuel line and drain into an appropriate container. If this is a winterization process, there are fuel stabilizers available in retail locations.

Concrete slab must be cut from existing location to new location, and then new drain must be plumbed back to existing drain pipe location.

pull the gas line off of the carburetor and let it drain.

The drain plug is on the frame, just behind the front wheel.

There is no oil filter.. The drain plug is on the left side of the bike.

The Filter is inside the round cap at the lower front of the motor. The drain plug is right below that. I usually remove the filter first and the remove the drain plug

To drain the gas on a 2000 Yamaha TTR 225 remove the carburetor and adjust the fuel screw. This is not a task for a novice, ask a senior rider for a hand.

Look under the bike for the drain plug under the motor area.

I am needing to change the transmission fluid on my 2001 Dodge Durango, and I don't know where the location of the plug to drain the transmission fluid is at!

Check out the new Tilt N Drain Oil Drain Kit. No mess and no rags or paper towels. See the video at www.seewellinnovations I've used it over 200 times and it still works great!

The carb bowl drain nut is located on the bottom of the carb.

According to my Sears manual, there is no drain plug. You need to remove the oil dipstick and tip the mower on its side so that the oil will drain out of the fill location. It is odd, but that is how you do it.

middle bolt right under crank cake side... where it says yamaha.. right under that.

Drain all the fluids in the bike, and you might have to drain motor oil and diff oil more then once.

ride it until it stops running.

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