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How do you change the oil on a 1987 suzuki alto?


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To change the oil on a Suzuki Alto (87) you need the following items. 1. Shifter Spaner 2. Bucket (For oil when emptied) 3. Cloth (To wipe mess up if any) 4. The new oil Method I found fit: 1. Jack the Alto's front up, you'll find a spot under the bumper. 2. you will find a small shape bolt facing the rear of the car siutated at the lowest point of the motor. 3. Get the bucket in posistion under the bolt, leave room for the parabolic path of the oil once started flowing. 4. When empty, tighten bolt, remove oil container, and lower jack. 5. Fill the oil bay with new refreshed oil. If you need pictures or more assistance, email me at: Hope that helped!


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No you only change the filter when you change the oil.

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