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Assuming you have done an oil change in the past it is mostly like any other, drain the oil from the oil pan by removing the bolt, the fun part is in getting the oil filter out, which I would assume would be why this question was asked. The trick is to put a block of wood on the underside of the engine and using a bottle jack, jack up the engine just slightly, this will allow enough room for you to pull the oil filter out without having to remove the annoying sway bar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just want to improve on the answer above. I've had my T-Bird for about 5 years. I almost never pay a mechanic to work on my car. The only times I paid was when I didn't have the time to do something. Anyway, here goes. Since you did not give all the specs of your vehicle, this procedure is for a 1994 Thunderbird LX, non-supercharged, 3.8L Engine. The procedure is similar on most models anyway. Raise the car on jackstands. Remove the Transmission pan bolts towards the front of the vehicle. Let the transmission fluid drain into a pan, then continue to remove the rear bolts slowly until most of the fluid finishes draining. Then remove the whole transmission pan. Clean the pan and the magnet that's attached to it. Remove the filter by pulling it off. (If it has bolts, remove them first). Make sure that the ring seal arount the old filter is completely out. Sometimes, this seal will get stuck inside the hole where the filter was removed from. Replace with a new filter by pushing into place. Remove the old gasket from the pan and from the transmission. If it tears apart, GENTLY, use a spatula to scrape it off. Be very careful not to scratch the mating surfaces (of the pan and on the transmission) or you will have fluid leaks later. Place the new transmission gasket onto the pan. Do not use a gasket sealer. If it's curling, you can use Transmission Fluid to coat the mating surfaces. This will help keep the gasket in place while installing the transmission pan back into place. Torque the bolts back to specs and use a criss cross pattern while doing it. Add transmission fluid through the dipstick. Turn on the engine and shift it through each gear. Keep checking the level on the dipstick and continue adding fluid as needed. DO NOT overfill it. Let the engine warm up for about 20 min, shift it into every gear again, and then re-check the fluid level. Add more fluid ONLY if it's still low. Check for leaks. Hope this helps. ThePro213

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Q: How do you change the oil on a 1994 Thunderbird LX?
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