How do you change the oil pan gasket on a 94 Cadillac deVille Concours FWD?

unfortunatly there is only one answer to this question and that is to take it to a dealership or some reliable mechanic. The car has to be on a hoist, and the complete motor and transaxle has to be removed. There is really no oil pan on the northstar. It is the upper and lower engine components that house the crank etc. Sorry about this one. I own a 94 and a 97 and the problem is the same for both of them . The 94 has cost me 3400.00 to complete, and it is going to be the same for the 97. The gasdket by the way costs 35.00. Go figure. The engineers at GM have this one worked out so their dealerships can count on one of these major repairs starting around 160,000 Kms.