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How do you change the oil pan in a 1995 E150 van with a 351 engine?


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2015-07-15 21:30:45
2015-07-15 21:30:45

Kinda hard to describe but I did it on a 1992 E150 with the straight six fuel injection because the oil pan rotted out. (Ford was famous for oil pans rotting out.) I did it in my driveway with my brother. I drove the truck front end on strong ramps. I had the new gasket kit and a new oil pump since I was going to expose it and it had about 100,000 on it. We took of the inside front engine cowling cover, or whatever you call it inside the van. (You know the thing that catches your spilled coffee and holds all the junk you have in your hands or in you pockets as you get in the truck?) We loosened the motor mounts and the trans bracket so the engine could be jacked up. We actually took a hydraulic jack and a 2x4 and put the 2x4 under the front crank at the harmonic balancer. WE jacked up the engine until it touched the top of the engine compartment. We would watch that we didn't pinch any hoses or lines. We had to move some things around a bit to do it and even after having the engine up we still had to wiggle and twist and gently force the pan out. (Of course we lossened all the bolts on the pan) We changed the oil pump, for prophelactic measures, and put a stock one in. It was a little tough getting the new pan in, you know being careful not to damage it or the gaskets. And we worked together and did a fine job. Lowered the engine back down, resecured everything, filled it with oil and it was great. FYI. My old pan was so bad, my brother just gently pushed a screwdriver into the rusted area on the pan and he went right through it. So if yours is rusting on the outside and the paint is bubbling & peeling off. Leave it alone until your ready to change it out. Good Luck :) Frank


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