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How do you change the outside driver door handle on a 1989 GMC Sierra?

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This is a FUN one! Get ready for cut up hands and a question to yourself of why you didn't pay someone to do this.

Anyway, here we go...
Remove the fascia that has the lock & window controls on the doorpanel. (screw & lock/window fascia snaps).
Unclip window & lock switches, push out towards the front. Be careful not to break these.
Remove screw for armrest, pull doorpanel off from the bottom to the top. Lift panel 'up' off of top.
In the doorjamb, on the door, remove the small bolt that goes to the back of the handle (10mm).

Now, there's 2 ways to go from here. One way is easier to maneuver, but involves disassembling the inner steel panel (lots of time & patience). The other way is harder, and involves snaking your arm throughout the sharp small crevaces, as well as blindly (may take as much time if you have large arms/hands).

Since this may be your first time, neither way would be easy... So I'll describe the 'easier' way.

Remove the clear plastic on the door, remove the screws around the inner steel panel (9/32).
Remove the bolt at the bottom front of the steel panel (10mm).
Carefully lift up on the steel panel, use your knee to prop it upwards.
Now gently pull the steel panle back, and unsnap the 2 linkage rods from the steel panel.
Use a small flat screwdriver and unclip the retaining clips at the end of each linkage.
Remove linkage from power lock motor (pulls downward & slips out).
Disconnect power window motor.

Here's more fun.. It's better to have 3 hands for this part....

Lift off steel inner panel and turn ut to release the window regulator from the backside of the steel panel.
Now, turn it some more to release the 2 rollers that goes to the bottom of the window, the window will drop.
Pull out the inner steel panel
Look at the backside of the door handle, and remove the 2 clips & linkages that attach to it.
Remove doorhandle.

Again, you will need tons of patience with this task.

2006-07-30 13:18:43
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How do you change the outside driver door handle of a 1998 Chrysler Sebring lxi?

From the inside of the door. Its a pain.

How do you replace a paseenger door inside handle and outside handle driver door for Toyota Corolla 1998?

you have to take the door panel off the inside first

Change door handle on Chevy s10 pick up?

Inside or outside?

How come i can open the driver side door from the inside but not the outside on my 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

Because the outside handle has lost it's connection with the locking mechanism.

How do you install an outside door handle on a 1994 GMC Sierra?

you have to remove the interor door panel then take and pull up on the outside handel you will see a rod on the end of ti there is a plastic peace gently un clip the plastic peace by turning it. now there should be 2 nuts on the back of the handle remove them. and if your sierra has the option on it there will be a lock cylinder that is held on by a c clip remove that and you should be able to remove the whole handle

How do you tighten the outside driver side door handle on a 1995 Chevy Suburban?

remove the inside door panel and go from there.

How do you replace outside handle on 1991 lumina door driver side?

Should be able to access by removing inner door panel

How do you replace exterior driver door handle on 2001 Hyundai elantra?

* To remove the outside door handle and lock assembly raise the window and remove the door trim panel and watershield * Working through the access hole disengage the plastic clips that secure the outside handle to latch actuating rod and the outside door lock to latch actuating rod * Working through the access hole remove the outside door handle retaining bolts * Remove the handle/lock cylinder assembly from the car

What do you do if the Tribute 2001 driver door only opens from outside?

The problem is that the inside door handle is broken. Although the inside door handle needs replacement you can still open the door by pulling on the lock lever above the handle.

How DO YOU change a driver side door handle on a 1998 Pontiac Bonneville?

you get a 38 rench then get a 4 9 rench

How do I fix the Driver door latch that won't open from outside?

Remove the inner door panel & start checking for linkage & handle problems

How do you replace driver door lock actuator on a Mercedes ml 320?

Replacing door actuator on ml500. How do I remove the outside door handle?

How do you remove the outside driver side door panel after removing the screws What if the door handle is in the way It is on a 96' Saturn SC1?

There is a little plastic pin that holds the handle on. Press the pin out and slide the handle sideways to remove. Replacement is reversed.

How do you replace an outside door handle for a mustang?

You will need to remove the inside door panel of your Mustang. Remove the linkage from the outside door handle. Remove the outside door handle retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new outside door handle.

How do you replace the drivers side door handle on a 1996 GMC Sierra?

Assuming you are referring to the outer door handle, remove the inner door panel and look at the back of the handle. You will see a couple of steel rods attached to the handle, remove these(they just unclip)and move them out of your way. You should be able to see a couple of small nuts holding the handle to the door. Remove these and the handle can be pulled out of the door from the outside.

2004 X5 driver Outside Door Handle doesnt work Inside handle OK?

Remove interior door panel. Check the rod from the latch to see that is attached to the outside handle. Reattach rod. The rod clip made may need to be replaced if it doesn't hold. This condition can be caused by someone breaking in or it was serviced and not installed properly.

How do you change the window handle on a 95 Honda Civic?

push in the door panel slightly and you'll see a metal pin, pop it out with a flat head screw driver and the handle slides from off.

Where is the spare tire lowering handle located on a 1999 gmc sierra?

The spare tire lowering handle is probably located under the rear seat on the 1999 GMC Sierra, if the vehicle is an extended cab. If it is not the extended cab, look behind the driver's seat for the handle.

How do you install door handle 2007 Buick Rendezvous?

Inside handle, outside handle, sliding door handle?

Is there a diagram to take apart the outside door handle?

No, there is not a diagram to take apart the outside of a door handle. However, there is a diagram that shows how a door is held together, and from there a person can take apart the outside door handle.

How do you open windows from the outside of a Mercedes-Benz C240?

point w/ur keyless remote the driver handle door and keep press the unlock bottom

How do you remove and install exterior door handle on 97 driver side?

Door handle to what?

How do you replace the outside door handle on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

How do you replace the outside door handle on a 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

How do you change the driver side door handle on a 94' Chevy Lumina?

You should bte able to access from inside after removing door panel

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