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How do you change the outside rear door handle on a 1993 safari van?

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2011-09-13 00:24:42

"Safari/Astro_broken_rear_door_handle" id=

"Safari/Astro_broken_rear_door_handle">Safari/Astro broken rear

door handle

You will need: an electric drill, 1/4" drill bit, 2- 1/4" x 2"

bolts, 2 flat washers, 2 lock washers and nuts or flat washers and

lock nuts. When you move the handle aside you will see what looks

like two rivets; these are the heads of the bolts holding the

handle to the door. Carefully drill through these bolts, you may

want to centre punch the heads first. These bolts are made of

aluminum so the drilling isn't too hard. Once this is done the

handle comes off and you can reach in and activate the push-rod

that opens the door. With the door open, look on the inside edge of

the door and you'll see a small plate with four Philip's screws

holding it. Remove this and you can see inside to replace the

handle. I was able to repair my handle dilling out the mount with

the "cast in" bolt and fit another bolt to attach the pivoting part

(bellcrank) to the handle. The main problem with this handle is

that it is made of cast aluminum and thus wears out with frequent

use. Install the handle with it's gasket using the 2" bolts making

sure the pivot and push-rod work smoothly. A little grease at the

contact points helps. To make opening the door easier, try pushing

gently but firmly on the door just above the door handle as you

pull on the handle to open it.

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