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Disconnect the positive cable at the 95 1500 battery. Follow the cable to the other end and look at how it was routed. Unhook the cable end and pull it out. Route the new cable in the same way. Connect the cable ends back up.

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Q: How do you change the positive battery cable on a 1994 Chevrolet C series 1500 truck?
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How do you change the battery in your 2006 BMW 5 series?

To change your batter in your BMW 5 series first turn your car off. Then remove existing battery by losing the bolts and removing the positive and negative cables from the battery. Install the new battery by bolting the battery in place and reattaching the cables.

How are batteries hooked in a series?

the positive piece on the first battery is connected to the negative piece on the next battery in the series and the negative pole from the first one is the negative you connect to the device you are powering and the positive pole on the very last battery in this series is the one you connect to the positive terminal on your device.

What is a series connection?

Series connection is the connection of positive to positive and negative to negative to reinforce the power of the battery without changing the output supply.

How do you hookup two twelve volt batteries in series?

Hook the negative on one battery to the positive of the second battery. Connect to the positive on the first battery and the negative of the second battery. This gives 24 volts.

What size battery for a 91 caprice with a 305?

95 Chevrolet caprice takes a delco 78 series battery. the 7 year is the best.

How do you stop the battieriess from reversing polarities when the batteries are in series?

In a negative ground system, hook the vehicle ground (frame) to the negative of the first battery, positive of that battery to negative of second battery and the positive of the second battery back to vehicle positive. ( starter or starter solenoid) If you are hooking 2 12 volt batteries in series you will have 24 volts.

Show a Wiring diagram for 2x12 volt batteries in series?

No, but I'll tell you how to do it... Put the two batteries in the truck. Call them "1" and "2." Hook the positive cable from the truck to the positive of battery 1, the negative cable from the truck to the negative of battery 2, and the series-wiring cable (it's about a foot long, and it's got a battery clamp at both ends) between the negative on battery 1 and the positive on battery 2.

How do you remove the battery of your BMW 5 Series?

It is underneath the backseat on the driver's side! Remove the positive and negative wire from battery post...pull battery out and replace!!

How do you hook up 2- 6volt batterys to be able to charge them with a 12volt charger?

Connect them together in Series. Connect the negative post of one battery to the positive post of the other battery. Then connect the negative charger cable to one negative battery post and the positive to the positive post of the other battery.

How do you connect two 12 volt batteries into a 24 volt hitachi ex60 excavator?

Connect the two 12 volts batteries in Series. Battery 1 & 2. Connect the negative post (-) of battery 1 to the negative (-) ground cable. Then connect the positive (+) post of battery 1 to the negative (-) post of battery 2. Connect the positive (+) post of battery 2 to the positive (+) cable. You now have 24 volts as the batteries are wired in series.

If you stack 2 batteries with 1500 mAh do you get 3000 mAh?

Yup......But only if u connect them in PARALLEL! Connecting them in parallel (e.g. the positive cap from Battery 1 is connected with the positive cap from battery 2.....the negative cap from battery 1 goes with negative cap from battery 2) adds the amperage (voltage remains the same).......Connecting them in SERIES (as in any flashlight the positive cap of battery 1 goes with the negative cap of battery 2 making a "bigger battery" that has the positive cap from battery 2 and negative cap from battery 1...) adds the voltage (the amperage is the same). Note: Use same batteries either parallel or series connection.

Does battery voltage combine when you use more than one?

The voltage adds if you connect in series (positive to negative). It stays the same if in parallel (Positive to Positive and Negative to Negative).

Can you charge two 6v batteries in a series with a 12v charger and which posts do you connect the charger to?

Yes you can. Connect the chargers positive lead to the positive of one battery, then the negative side of that battery to the positive side of the other battery, then connect the negative lead of the charger to the negative of the second battery. Double check all your connections and turn on the charger.

How to Hook up 4 6 volt batteries to get 12v?

In order to connect 4-6 volt batteries and end up with 12volts you will need to understand parallel and series connections. to connect two batteries in parallel you would connect the positive side of one battery to the positive side of the other battery; and the negative side of one battery to the negative of the other battery. doing this will not change the voltage. to connect in series you connect the positive of one battery to the negative of the other battery. doing this will increase the voltage;in this example you will end up with 12v. 6+6=12. when you stack batteries in a 2-cell flashlight that is connecting the batteries in series. The answer to the question is: connect two batteries in series; then connect the other two batteries in series. after this is done connect the two pairs of batteries in parallel. If you think of it visually you would have two batteries wide and two batteries tall.

How do you wire 3 12 volt batteries to get 24 volts how to connect the wire?

Wire two of the 12 volt batteries in series and the third battery in parallel with the other two. As the two batteries wired in series will give you 24 volts but the amps of only one of the batteries, unless you need the extra amperage of that third battery I would just go with two batteries wired in series. But if you want to use three batteries then connect the positive from one battery to the negative of the other battery. This will give you 24 volts. Now just connect the negative of the third battery to the negative of the first battery connected in series with the second battery. Now connect the positive to the second battery to the positive of the third battery. You will now still have 24 volts but twice the amperage of one of the batteries.

How do you put 2 6 volt batteries into a Series circuit?

Take the # 1 battery and connect the positive cable to the vehicle. Then connect the negative cable on # 1 battery to the positive post on battery # 2. Finally connect the negative post on battery # 2 to ground on the vehicle. You will have 12 volts but only the amperage of #1 battery.

How you get 27 volts grom 3 separate 9 volts batteries?

Connect the three batteries in series:[POSITIVE]-[battery #1]-[neg]-------[pos]-[battery #2]-[neg]-------[pos]-[battery #3]-[NEGATIVE]You'll have 27 volts between [POSITIVE] and [NEGATIVE].

How do you change a battery?

Disconnect the positive battery cable from the battery, make sure you take off the positive one before the negative one. Then disconnect the negative cable. Remove the clamps holding the battery down. Pull the battery out. Put the new one in. Put the battery clamps back on. (make sure you clean the battery connections. make sure there is no corrosion) Connect the negative cable first, tighten it, then connect the positive cable and tighten it. You are done. disconnect the positive and negative connections ( only 2 connections ) remove battery. replace with new then connect the negative and positive connections to the correct terminals. There is a plastic cover over your battery. Remove the positive cable, then the negative cable (if its stock, then it uses an 8mm wrench). Then remove the plastic cover. On the side of the battery closest to the middle of the truck, there is a plastic "chunk" held down by an 8mm bolt. Use an 8mm socket with about a 10" extension to remove this. Take out the battery and replace using the reverse procedure. It should be replaced with a 65 series battery in your expedition. Note - black is negative. red is positive

How do you wire a second battery in a 1997 Sierra?

Find a position for the battery then connect them together in parallel that is negative to negative positive to positive. That way you will still have 12 volts with larger capacity. Don't connect them in series that is positive to negative because you will end up with 24 Volts.

When a battery has two positive and two negative terminals is it ok to connect one battery to a second battery using the second terminal?

the two terminals both conect to the electrode of the battery,so, you can conect two batteries with the two "terminals" for parallel circuit or series circuit. Rocky_B - Yes you can do this to give yourself some extra amps, but connect the negative to the negative of the other battery and the positive to the positive of the other battery - This is what previous poster meant by parallel. Warning: If this is for an automobile electrical system, you do not want to connect it in series; i.e. Positive to solenoid, negative to positive of other battery, negative of other battery to ground, as it would be supplying over 24volts to a 12volt system and may seriously mess up your electrical system or cause wire insulation to heat up, melt, and cause fires.

When was Chevrolet Series C Classic Six created?

Chevrolet Series C Classic Six was created in 1911.

Does the capacity of the battery increase when they are connected in series?

No. If you connect in series, positive to negative and then connect load to the remaining positive and negative terminals then the voltage at these terminals is the added voltage of the batteries thus connected, but the capacity (amphours) stays the same.

12 volt battery in series to get 24 volts?

To verify correct wiring you should have: Battery 1 Positive, to Battery 2 Negative, and Battery 1 Negative to Battery 2 Positive is series wiring, combining the voltage rating of both of the batteries. I suggest adding a "Battery Cut-Off Switch" in the circuit. Some slight arcing can happen if you drag the connectors together.Try doing it outside your vehicle and use a multimeter set to DC volts and test for 22+ volts.

How do you hook up timing light on a 350 Chevrolet and how can you test your light to know its good?


How do you change a battery in a Lexus LS 430?

The battery in the ls430 is a 24 group series and is located on the passenger side by the windsheild. remove both terminals and battery strap