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how do you change a window motor on a 93 aerostar or can you please tell me how to get the windows down without the motor... my e-mail is

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Q: How do you change the power window motor on the 1993 aerostar?
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Driver side power window is ok but the passenger side is not working on 1989 aerostar motor and regulator is fine what else could be wrong?

Hi, The problem with your pass side window is the drivers side power window switch. I have had this same problem on my 1993 Aerostar.

1991 Ford Aerostar Passanger side door power window will not go down How can you tell if its the switch or the Motor I can hear the motor work when I move the switch to raise the window?

It's the switch because the motor is getting power to go up but not down.

Why doesn't replacement Napa Power Supreme re-manufactured power window motor work for your 92 Ford Aerostar after you install it?

Did you check for power to the motor? If the switch doesn't work then the motor won't work. If there is power to the connector that hooks onto the motor then the part may be defective, if not then trace it back.

How do you change the passenger power window motor for a 1995 Chevy Cavalier Z24?

Hi .. To change the power window motor .. Remove the door shell of course You will see the motor for the window .. Unplug the power of course . The motor is actually riveted in so you need to drill out the rivets. Remove the old unit . Then install the new motor with self tapping screws . Plug in the power . Be sure to secure the window when you remove the motor so it doesn't fall. I have not done this yet but am about to embark soon and have done some research . Good luck ..

How do you replace power window motor on 1993 Sunbird?

power window motor removal 93 sunbird

To change the drivers side power window motor on a 1993 Mercury Capri are there compatible parts you can use or do you have to use that specific motor?

check on eBay for a power window motor. from what i have heard its only 1991 -1994 mercery capri only

How do you replace the power window motor in a 93 grand am?

how to replace1994 grand drivers side power window motor

How do you replace power window motor 1987 Dodge pickup?

replace 1987 dodge pickup/power window motor

How do you troubleshoot Chevy cavalier power window motor?

Check power to window switch. Common cause. Check power to window motor. If none then check fuses/relays.

Pontiac firebird 98 power window doesnot work well?

Change the motor. These cars are notorious for this.

How do you change the power window motor on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Remove the window regulator and motor from the door as an assembly. Drill out rivets that hold motor to regulator and replace motor. Regulator needs to be riveted back into door for reassembly

Why will the Window not come up?

wire lose? bad motor if its power. could be a number of things. do you hear the motor if it is a power window?