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How do you change the rear bank spark plugs in a 2001 Chevy Venture?


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2011-07-10 18:40:39
2011-07-10 18:40:39

Go get a medium duty ratchet strap. Hook it to the big metal loop on the front of the engine on the right top side of the block. Take the other end of the strap and run it down under the bumper to either the frame or the metal part of the bumper make sure it is secure. take up all the slack in the strap. on the front of the engine there are 2 "bog bones" that hold th engine to the core support take one bolt out of each and flip them up. Once this is done ratchet the engine as far forward as you can. Next remove the alternator and you can now get to all the spark plugs. Just reverse this process to put it all back together. I deleted the original answer. the person who posted it said his way would take about 3 hour(and left you all brusied up after words). this way will take less than 45 min. with minimal knuckle damage.

If you remove the coil pack is a lot better to you can see what you are doing. Mine has not been done at all. over 100th miles.


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The 1996-2006 Chevy Venture has a 3.4L V6 engine and requires 6 spark plugs.

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Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plug cables and boots, and remove the old spark plugs. Put in the new spark plugs, attach the boots and cables, and connect the battery.

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you have got to take the Pentium off and then you can change the back spark plugs when you put the Pentium back on you need to tourqe the bolts to 16 inch pounds.

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