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How do you change the rear blinker on a 1995 Saturn SL?

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2007-05-09 02:30:18
2007-05-09 02:30:18

You will need a medium-small Torx driver for the screws that hold the rear light assembly to the car. Start by opening the trunk. Note the latch that the trunk lid attaches to when it is closed, now look left (or right) until the rear of the car rises above the bumper, you will there find the taillight assembly (you may already be able to locate the taillight assembly without this guidance). Once you have located the taillight assembly, look for the three (or so) torx screws that hold it in place, these will be on the black surface that wraps aroundtoward the trunk interior. Remove these screws and put them somewhere where they will not roll away. Once the mounting screw are out, pull the top of the tailight assembly out (away from the car) and lift the bottom of the assembly up. This should free the plastic hooks that are on the bottom of the assembly from the car. There will be several bulb connectors going into the back of the assembly. Your turn signal should be the middle one on the top (top being the top if the assembly were mounted in place). Squeeze the tab of the bulb connector and rotate counterclockwise. This will free the bulb connector from the assembly without the need to remove any wires. Pull the connector out of the hole it is in. You will now see the bulb. To remove the bulb, grasp it and push in while turning counterclockwise. It will turn about 1/5 - 1/4 of a turn before stopping. (It is important to use just enough force to turn the bulb... don't overdo it, the last thing you need is a bulb to break in your fingers and for half of it to be stuck in the connector). When the bulb stops turning you should be able to pull it straight out. At this point note the posts on the side of the metal part of the bulb. One is lower than the other. Note which side of the connector it came out of because when you install the new bulb, it will need to go in the same way. There will be a sort of yellowish grease inside the connector and on the old bulb, don't worry about it, it's supposed to be there. Take the bulb to your local parts store and they will find you a replacement, or you could have already gone to a parts store and told them your year, make, and model, and they will be able to tell you the appropriate bulb. Installation is the reverse of removal. Be sure to pay attention to: 1. the posts on the side of the metal part of the bulb, 2. look at the other bulb connectors on the back of the taillight assembly and insert the bulb connector you are working with rotated a bit counterclockwise from the rest. When it goes right in, then turn it clockwise, 3. when you re-install the taillight assembly insert the plastic tabs on the bottom of the assembly into their appropriate holes before pushing the top into place.

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