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How do you change the rear brake light of a 2000 Volkswagen Beetle?


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2010-05-06 13:18:37
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Open the trunk, inside there is a panel that you have to remove in front of the tail lamp. Inside that hole is a star like screw, unscrew it all the way off. Use a flat butter knife to pry the tail light assembly off. Insert the butter knife under the lense near the seam closest to hatchback. Be sure that you only pry from that side, there is a locking tab that slides underneath towards the outside so you will have to lift the one side up first. After the assembly is removed, twist the harness counter clockwise to remove the bulb from the housing, press down on the bulb and turn counter clockwise to remove it..


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its like changing a light bulb and depends on the car model 2007 volkswagen beetle

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The brake light switch is found behind the 1998 VW Beetles brake pedal. Reach it by removing the lower dash console to gain access to the nut holding the switch in place. Remove the nut then then the switch.

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It is threaded into the master cylinder. If you can't reach from under, remove the fuel tank to expose the master cylinder and brake light switch.

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Don't bother. The brake light switch on 1999 beetles (maybe all of them, actually) have been recalled. Unless you get it changed, the brake lights will keep going out. Call your local dealer and they should change it for free, mine did about 8 months ago. Still, this doesn't seem to fix the problem as my brake light is out. It may only be a burned out bulb though.

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