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After you have jacked the car and removed the tire you will see the caliper and rotor assembly.

To replace the pads only:

1. You will need a 12mm socket or wrench

2. In the back of the caliper is a single 12mm bolt head located near the bottom of the caliper

3. Remove bolt

4. This portion of the caliper assembly will swing upward allowing you access to change out the pads. (Note: there is only one bolt to remove for pad only replacement.)

5. You will need a disc caliper rewind tool or brake piston tool. The piston is a solid surface with 2 slots for turning the caliper. The one I used is a universal tool that cost $5 to $10.

6. Turn/Tighten the caliper.

7. Remove old pad, insert new pads

If you are also removing or resurfacing the rotor, then follow these instructions:

1. You will need an 18mm socket and 18mm box end wrench

2. There are 2 bolts with 18mm heads holding the caliper assembly in place.

3. The parking brake line runs close to the top bolt. This is the line with a spring at the end.

4. I used the box end wrench to break loose both the top and bottom bolt, and then used the socket to remove.

5. I used a deep socket, so I had to apply some pressure to get it under the parking brake spring and on the bolt head. Be careful not to use too much force as you do not want to damage the parking brake assembly.

6. Remove the bolts

7. Remove the rotor, and then replace when ready.

I bought new rotors, so I simply held the caliper while swapping out the rotors. However, you may need to suspend the caliper if you plan to machine the rotors first. A wire hanger will work fine for this.

Get a manual from DISCOUNTAUTOREPARMANUALS.COM and it will tell you how to use a special tool required to compress the rear calipers which is rentable from parts stores.

It is very easy. Remove the wheel, remove the two caliper bolts that hold the caliper to the wheel assembly. Slip caliper off the rotor. Once the caliper is removed from the rotor, take the spring clamp off and remove and replace the inner pad. Put the old pad against the new one and use a C-clamp to push the inner pad back into the caliper. Remove the C-clamp and put the outer pad into the caliper and replace the holding springs. Reverse the removal procedure. Before you drive the car make sure you pump the brakes to get rid of spongy feeling. It should take about 25 minutes all total.

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Q: How do you change the rear brake pads on a 1999 Cadillac DeVille?
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