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Replacing Disc Brake Pads *** Caution *** Older brake pads or shoes may contain asbestos, which has been determined to be cancer causing agent. Never clean the brake surfaces with compressed air! Avoid inhaling any dust from any brake surface! When cleaning brake surfaces, use a commercially available brake cleaner fluid. Print 1. To avoid overflowing of the master cylinder when the caliper pistons are pressed into the caliper cylinder bores, siphon or dip some brake fluid out of the large reservoir. 2. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands. 3. Remove the wheels. 4. Place a suitable C-clamp on the caliper and, with the clamp bearing on the outer pad, tighten the clamp to bottom the caliper pistons in the cylinder bores. Remove the C-clamp. 5. Loosen and remove the caliper retaining bolts. 6. Lift the caliper off the rotor. è Do not allow the caliper to hand by the brake hose. 7. Remove the brake pads and anti-rattle spring. To install: 8. Thoroughly clean the areas of the caliper and spindle assembly which contacts each other during the sliding action of the caliper. 9. Place a new anti-rattle clip on the lower end of the inboard shoe. Make sure that the tabs on the clip are positioned correctly and the loop-type spring is away from the rotor. 10. Place the lower end of the inner brake pad in the spindle assembly pad abutment, against the anti-rattle clip, and slide the upper end of the pad into position. Be sure that the clip is still in position. 11. Check and make sure that the caliper piston is fully bottomed in the cylinder bore. Use a large C-clamp to bottom the piston, if necessary. 12. Position the outer brake pad on the caliper, and press the pad tabs into place with your fingers. If the pad cannot be pressed into place by hand, use a C-clamp. Be careful not to damage the lining with the clamp. Bend the tabs to prevent rattling. 13. Position the caliper on the spindle assembly. Lightly lubricate the caliper sliding pins with suitable grease. 14. Position the caliper pins into the caliper anchor plate. 15. Tighten the caliper pins to 16-30 ft.lbs. [22-40Nm] on 1997-98 F-250HD, F350 and F-Super Duty models. Tighten the caliper pins to 21-26 ft.lbs. [28-36 Nm] on the F-150, F-250, Expedition and Navigator. Tighten the caliper pins to 42 ft.lbs. [56 Nm] on the 1999-00 F-250SD, F-350 and F-Super Duty models. 16. Install the wheels. 17. Lower the vehicle. 18. Pump the brake pedal a few times to build adequate pressure in the brake system and check the fluid level in the master cylinder.

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Q: How do you change the rear brake pads on a 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?
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Does a 1997 Eddie Bauer Expedition come with an electric brake control?

yes it does

Where is the computer module located in the 2000 Eddie Bauer expedition?

In a 2000 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition, the computer module is located under the dashboard and to the left of the brake pedal. The module should be cream-colored.

How do you change a brake lamp on a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

open lift gate. remove 2 screws on top/side of lens assembly, then pry/pull the assembly out. brake /tail light should be #1157

Where is the keypad entry code on a 2000 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition?

look up by the brake pedal and its on a white box its up high use a flash light

How do you check the brake proportioning valve on a 1986 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer series?

In the 1988 Eddie Bauer version the proportioning valve is part of the brake's master cylinder. Follow the lead - I believe it's the same with the 1986'er...

1999 ford expedition Eddie Bauer I can't get it firmly in park I have to start it in neutral and use emergency brake to keep from rolling when in park Any ideas?

Bent of misadjusted shift linkage?

How do I replace the brake light bulb in my 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

Open the rear door hatch. there are 2 or 3 Philip screws on top of the brake light housing. remove them , pull housing from the frame of the truck. change bad light bulb, reinstall everthing you just took out and your done.

Where is the fuse box 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

Below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal ( remove the panel cover to access the fuses ) according to the owners manual

Where is the fuse box located 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer?

Below and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal . Remove the panel cover to access the fuses ( according to the owners manual )

Where can you get replacement parts for Costco Eddie Bauer stroller?

I am looking for replacement seat cushioning covers/pads for my Eddie Bauer double stroller where can I purchase these. Thank you for your time to respond back.

I got to press the brake pedal all the way down to get the brake light to come on 1990 Ford Bronco Eddie Bauer?

The brake light switch is out of adjustment.

Where is the computer module in Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer 2001 to retrieve code for key less entry?

It is located under the dashboard next to the shaft for the brake pedal. Put your head on the floorboard and look straight up.

Where is the keypad code on a 2001 Eddie Bauer expedition?

Put your head on the drivers side floorboard. Look straight up by the brake pedal and you will see a white box, this is your comp. module. Your code will be a large bold 5 digit number

Where can you get a 1997 expedition 4wd brake line diagram?

It is important to have a diagram when making a change in the brake lines. A diagram for the 1997 Expedition 4wd brake line can be found in maintenance manual of the car.

Why is the passenger wheel locking up on the 1992 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

Check your Pass. side brake caliper. It maybe sticking.

How do you replace the brake pads on 1992 ford bronco Eddie Bauer?

Place your car on jack stands. Remove the car tyre.ÊLoosen the bolts on the caliper. Remove the brake pads. Install the new pads.

Where is the vacuum line located in the 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer?

look on the brake booster located on the drivers side of the firewall. the vacuum line should run to it

2005 Expedition right rear signal light and brake light is out what to do?

change the light bulb,

How do you change rear disc brake on 2007 Ford Expedition?

Go to the ford dealer ship.

Fix pulsating brakes on ford expedition 2004?

Change your brake rotor and brakes. problem solve

Do 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer have anti-lock brakes?

On a 2003 Ford Expedition : There is an ABS warning light to the left and slightly lower than the " E " on the fuel gauge , which you should be able to see when the ignition key is turned to the RUN position , just before starting the vehicle ( to prove that the bulb still works ) so it looks like a 2003 Ford Expedition does have an Anti-lock Brake System

Brake light on the ford ltd expedition 500 series year 2005 how do you change it?

In order to change the brake light on the Ford LTD Expedition 500 series you must remove the light cover from the back of the lighting panel. You can access this from the trunk. Inside you will find the bulbs for the tail lights and brake lights. Remove the light and replace it with a new one.

How do you change the bulbs in the high mount brake light on a 1999 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer I removed the 4 external Phillips head screws and still cannot remove lens cover ... what's the trick?

I had the same problem, they get a lot of road spray up there and if you live up north(and who needs a 4x4 unless you do). It can be done lots of knocker loose or wd40 and a gentle pry w/ a flat blade screwdriver. Goodluck!

How do you change the front disc pads on a 2003 Eddie Bauer Expedition 4 wheel drive?

The front pads are similar to anyother disk brake system. Set the brake, jack up the front end. Remove the wheels. Now look for the two bolts on the back side of the brake caliper. 17mm I think. remove the top then the bottom. Have a bucket or crate to set the caliper on so you don't stretch the brake hose. Use a Screwdriver to remove the old brake pads, remove the outboard pad first, then (I like) usind a large "C" clamp depress slowly the pistion to make room for the new pads. Remove the inboard pad. Look carefully at the little metal pad keepers. There will be new ones in the brake kit. Reverse assembly and bleed the brakes.

Can't get gear shift out of park 2003 Eddie Baur expedition?

Make sure you got your foot on the brake pedal before shifting gears. It maybe also the neutral safety switch.