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To squeeze the piston back inside the caliper, you need to twist and push in on the piston. Turn the piston clockwise with a big screwdriver if you do not have the correct tool to do so. A large prybar works good for this.


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Q: How do you change the rear brakes on a Honda Accord?
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Does the Honda accord have front and rear brakes?

Of course. All vehicles have front & rear brakes.

What Type of brakes for 1992 Honda Accord ex?

Disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear.

What type of brakes does a 1998 Honda Accord use?

Disc brakes in the front and rear drum brakes.

2006 Honda Accord ex rear brake pads how to change?

How do you change rear brake pads on a 2006 honda accord ex?

1989 Honda Accord rear brakes diagram?

In the Haynes workshop manual.

How do you change the front and rear brakes on a 2002 Honda Accord 4 door LX?

Not to hard to do but you need direction. Get a manual from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

How to adjust the rear brakes for 1990 Honda Accord LX?

i'm not an expert on this..but i heard that brakes self adjust.

How do you change brakes on a Honda Pilot 2006?

How do you change fron t and rear brakes on a 2006 Honda pilot lx

Is the back brakes on a 1994 Honda accord the main brake?

No, most of the stopping is performed by the front brakes. But Honda uses a braking system that applies the rear brakes first. For this reason the rear brakes on some Hondas will wear out first.

How do you change rear axel bearings Honda trx 300?

how do you change rear brakes on a 1990 Honda trx 300fwl

How do you change brakes on 1999 Honda civic?

front or rear

How do you change the rear brake pads and depress the piston on the caliper on a 2004 Honda accord 4-D EX with disc brakes The rear caliper and the emergency brake are one unit and what tools.?

screw it in turn the piston clockwise and screw it in , only for rear brakes

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