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How do you change the rear lug bolts on a 1997 Geo Prizm?

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2007-09-07 03:58:26

Remove the wheel and brake drum. Make sure you have the car

supported on jack stands. Take a big hammer and knock the old ones

out. Put the new ones in the freezer overnight to shrink them

slightly and make sure you have new lug nuts to go with the new

lugs. Buy a few extra nuts. Next morning, using one at time, insert

the new lug, put a few large washers on for spacers, then tighten

the heck out of it until it's seated. Then go get another one and

repeat the process. It takes a while and is a PITA but you can do

it yourself. I had to replace every one of mine on my 93 because

some punk kid got overzealous at the tire shop when I had the tires

rotated and balanced. I don't use that shop anymore.

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