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Just did this last night! Open the rear door. From the inside of the door look through the crack between the door and the inside of the tail light assy. There you will see two "star" head screws. You need a star screw driver at leat 6" long to reach them. After removing the two screws come around to the outside and pull the lamp assy from the body. There are two clips holding it to the body and it doesn't come loose easily! After removing the lamp from the body the top bulb unscrews from the lamp assy and pulls out. The replacement bulb # is 3157. .

Straight from the dealer, you want to unscrew the light first, then pull it straight out. It might sound light it is breaking, but it is just the plastic pins rubbing the metal. You may need to use a flat head to pry the light away from the body enough so you can get your fingers back there. Remember pull it straight out, and do not worry, it goes on easier then it comes off.

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Q: How do you change the rear stop light bulb on a 2002 Jeep Liberty passenger side?
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