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I did this not too long ago on my '92 Tempo GL.

The steps should be the same: 1) jack up the car under the frame..not the suspension

2) remove the wheel

3) remove the (2 or 3) bolts that connect the strut to the suspension

4) get inside the trunk and remove the carpetting. it's a bit of a challenge and wears ya out quick! remove the OUTER 2 BOLTS ONLY. don't even touch the inner cause that holds the spring in place which is under a heck of a lotta pressure.

5) take out the strut assembly

6) if you plan to keep the old spring with the new strut, then use a spring compression tool and remove it from the strut

7) line up the spring in the new strut and put it together

8) release compression tool when strut is secured safely and correctly

9) line in up back into the rear well and only start the top 2 bolts (this way you have some play in the strut to get it back together.

10) then line up and bolt in the suspension or whatever

11) then tighten those 2 bolts at the top from inside the trunk

12) try to get the brake drum as vertical and as close to "normal" as possible

13) put the wheel back on

14) let the jack down.'re half way done. Just so ya know it would about make a preacher cuss if you don't have the right tools. IMPORTANT!!! -->make sure you have an alignment done or it will eat up your tires. most people think that just cause they are the rear wheels they dont need it, WRONG! they need it just as much as the front wheels. If you're interested, visit either or

I'm a part of both car sites, there is A LOT of info on these 2 sites!! HOPE I HELPED..

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2008-02-03 13:10:43
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Q: How do you change the rear struts on a 1991 Ford Tempo?
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