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How do you change the rear windscreen wiper on a 1997 Clio?

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I did this on a 1995/1996 ('N' reg) Clio 1.9 Diesel and I imagine it's very similar for the 1997 model (both are Mark 1's). Anyway, it's easy. At the bottom of the wiper there's a plastic cover which pivots up revealing the nut that attaches the wiper to the motor. Simply unscrew it with a spanner and you're done. Unfortunately, the nut in my case was completely stuck solid and I had to hacksaw it off. I then got another wiper from a salvage yard.

The reason I was removing the wiper was because I was replacing the wiper motor. This was also straightforward, a new motor being obtained from the same salvage yard - installation should be obvious (remove the plastic trim on the inside of the hatchback, unclip the power cable and unscrew the three bolts holding the motor in place; repeat in reverse order for new motor). One problem I encountered was that I'd earlier bought a motor off eBay, but it was from a J-reg Clio and the arm extending from the motor onto which you attach the wiper was too short.

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What is a Renault clio scuttle cover?

Its the cover that is under the front windscreen covering the wiper mechanism. hope that helps!!

2003 clio wi a leak in sunroof or windscreen?

it will be the aerial

Is the windscreen washer pump fused on the Renault clio?

The washer pump is not fused on a clio as i have one and have recently changed it.

Where is the wiper relay on Renault clio?

depending on car my wiper relay is under glove compartment aclio 98

How do you change dashboard bulb in a Renault clio?

how do you change a dashboard bulb in a renault clio?

How do you fit a k and n on your clio 1997?

You can buy a especific kit for your Clio. Go to the k&n site and search for your car. There is also information in pictures, how to fit the kit in your engine. I have tried it on my 1997 1.2 Clio.

Where is the jack in a p reg Renault Clio?

Should be under the bonnet, bottom of the windscreen, the opposite side the washer fluid tank is.

What is the spark plug gap on a clio 1997?

it is 35 for 3.5

Where is the front wiper relay on a mk3 clio?

It is in the fuse box next to the battery under the bonnet. Regards Chris

Where is the cooling fan relay on 1997 1.2 Clio?

In a fuse box

Where do you buy a rear wiper arm for a 2007 clio?

This is a Renault only part. You will have to visit a auto recyclers or order it from Renault.

How do you change coil spring on clio?

Take it to a garage

How many valves does a 1997 clio have?

8 or 16 depending on engine size.

How do you change CD player unit in Renault clio?

How do you change a CD player in a Nissan micra

Remove speedo from your 1997 clio mk1?

to change the speedo on a mk1 clio u a to take off top half of the dash there are screws by the window and screws when ypu open the door, then you have to take off the panels around the steering wheel, and the panel underneath that, then it is easy u will under stand frm there

How do you change fuel pump in Renault clio 1.2?

You can change the fuel pump in Renault clio 1.2 by opening the fuel pump gauge and inserting the fuel pump there. This is a simple process relatively speaking.

Where is the wheel jack located on a Clio 1997?

On my 93 clio its under the bonnet inside the little just in front of the window under the plastic cowling, dunno if it is the same for a 97 model tho

Where is the fuse box for windscrren wiper on Renault clio expression?

I have a clio mark 2 and the fuse box is on the end of the dash on the passenger side. You have to open the door to see it. There is a plastic cover that you pull off and the fuse layout is on the reverse side of this. Hope this helps. Steggie

How do you change master cylinder on Renault clio xreg 1.9tdi?

Its Simple Its Simple

How do you change a clutch on a 2001 Clio 1.2 16V?

just go at it with a spanner

How do you change Renault Clio Brake Pads?

How do you change the handbrake lever on your Renault clio?

this you have to look in your hand book that you have in the car when you buy it

How do you change a sidelight bulb on a Renault Clio 111?

very hard, get some help

How do you change fan belt on a 1.4 clio x reg?

how do you ondo alternator bolts and where are they

How do you change a fog light on a Renault Clio?

on a mk1 clio just unscrew the screws in the front of the lamp and pull it out, twist the plug at the back and it should all just come appart

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