How do you change the rear windscreen wiper on a 1997 Clio?

I did this on a 1995/1996 ('N' reg) Clio 1.9 Diesel and I imagine it's very similar for the 1997 model (both are Mark 1's). Anyway, it's easy. At the bottom of the wiper there's a plastic cover which pivots up revealing the nut that attaches the wiper to the motor. Simply unscrew it with a spanner and you're done. Unfortunately, the nut in my case was completely stuck solid and I had to hacksaw it off. I then got another wiper from a salvage yard.

The reason I was removing the wiper was because I was replacing the wiper motor. This was also straightforward, a new motor being obtained from the same salvage yard - installation should be obvious (remove the plastic trim on the inside of the hatchback, unclip the power cable and unscrew the three bolts holding the motor in place; repeat in reverse order for new motor). One problem I encountered was that I'd earlier bought a motor off eBay, but it was from a J-reg Clio and the arm extending from the motor onto which you attach the wiper was too short.