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Pretty easy job, there are a few videos on YouTube that show how it's done. Just did both mine on my 1994 Deville and one on my 2004 Seville. It is almost a must to have a compressor and impact gun but can be done without. Hardest part I had was making sure the axle was unstuck from the hub, had to back the nut off and then hit the axle end with a soft faced hammer, rawhide or plastic faced. The Deville was easier because the bolts are on the front of the hub where they're on the back on the Seville. You have to have both front wheels off the ground to do this because you have to spin the axle to get to the bolts, they only come out through one of the holes.

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Q: How do you change the right front hub bearing on a 1995 Cadillac sedan deville?
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