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Raise and support the front of the vehicle safely using jackstands. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Remove the brake caliper mounting bolts and carefully remove the caliper (along with the brake pads) from the rotor. Do not disconnect the brake line; instead wire the caliper out of the way with the line still connected. Once the rotor is removed from the vehicle the wheel bearings may be cleaned and repacked or the bearings and races may be replaced. For more information, please refer to the wheel bearing procedures in Chapter 1 of this manual. Carefully pry out the grease cap, then remove the cotter pin, spindle nut, and washer. Remove the hub, being careful not to drop the outer wheel bearings. As the hub is pulled forward, the outer wheel bearings will often fall forward and they may easily be removed at this time. To install: Carefully install the wheel hub over the spindle. Using your hands, firmly press the outer bearing into the hub. Loosely install the spindle washer and nut, but do not install the cotter pin or dust cap at this time. Install the brake caliper. Install the tire and wheel assembly. Properly adjust the wheel bearings: Spin the wheel forward by hand and tighten the nut to 12 ft. lbs. (16 Nm) in order to fully seat the bearings and remove any burrs from the threads. Back off the nut until it is just loose, then finger-tighten the nut. Loosen the nut 1/4-1/2 turn until either hole in the spindle lines up with a slot in the nut, then install a new cotter pin. This may appear to be too loose, but it is the correct adjustment. Proper adjustment creates 0.001-0.005 in. (0.025-0.127mm) end-play. Install the dust cap. Install the wheel/hub cover, then remove the supports and carefully lower the vehicle.

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Does 94 Chevy s10 have crank sensor?

Was not used in that year.

Will parts from a 97 chevy s10 fit on a 94 chevy s10?

Some parts will and some parts won't. It depends on which part you want to swap.

94 blazer transmission control module?

Where is the tcm in a 1994 chevy S10 Blazer

Will doors off of a 94 s10 fit a 94 sonoma?

The doors off a 94 Chevy S10 will fit on a 94 GMC Sonoma with minor modifications. Both use a very similar body design which is largely only different in cosmetic features.

How do you change a fuel pump on a 94 Chevy caprice classic ls?

How do you change a fuel pump on 94 Chevy caprice ls

Is there a reset button for a 94 Chevy s10 relay?

There are many relays in that vehicle, none of which have a reset button.

How do you bypass a neutral safety switch on a 94 Chevy Blazer S10?

Need to know if it is standard or automatic and why.

Why would a pressure plate go out in 94 Chevy s10?

This part has moving parts to it, anything that moves can be wore out.

What would cause all the power windows to stop working at the same time on a 94 chevy s10 blazer?

Probably the fuse for your power windows look at the manual find out which fuse it is and change it.

Where is iac on 1994 Chevy S-10 pickup?

Where do you find the idle air control valve on a 94 s10

Will a 4.3 vortec from an 2001 oldsmolbile bravada fit in a 94 Chevy s10?

A direct bolt in, no. They have different fuel injection systems.

Whats the top speed of a 1994 Chevy S10?

The 1994 Chevy s-10 ss is computer governed so it tops out at 94 m.p.h. unless the computer has been modified

Why wont drum fit on rear brakes of 94 Chevy s10?

You may need to back off on the e-brake cable adjustment.

Will the windshield off a 1996 s10 cab fit on a 1998 s10 cab?

yes the s10s were the same from 94 to 04 exept for the interior and grill change in 1997-1998

Where is a knock sensor on a 94 Chevy S10 blazer?

i think it is the sensor located on the drivers side of the motor rite next to the middle spark plug.

Well a 94 Chevy truck 350 fit in a 92 Chevy truck?

yes you might have to change your exhaust manifold

What is the gap on the rocker arms for a 94 Chevy s10 4 cylinder 2.2 liter engine?

rocker arms can be tightened right down as their is a shoulder on the stud.

Is it absolutley Necessary for there to be a fusible link connected to your battery of a 94 Chevy S10 Blazer?

If you want to protect the electrical system from a major melt down, yes.

Why would windshield wipers stop working on 94 Chevy s10?

if it is a new style s10 they had a common problem of the wiper control module going bad and intermittenly quiting. the module is located underneath the wiper motor cover.

94 Chevy Malibu gas tank?

Chevy did not build Malibu in '94

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