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i own a 88 Dodge colt 1.5L 4 speed 2 bbL inorder to change the rotors u must #1 take the black caps off the wheels, remove the pin from the axle nut then remove the nut i find doing one side at a time helps do this quickly loosen the lug nuts jack the car up and remove the tire. #2 after removing the tire remove the brake line braket,then mark the shock so it can replaced as it was taken out remove the 2 shock nuts remember the way u took em out after that turn the steering wheel enough so u can slip the axle out from the hub do not remove the tie rod or lower ball joint from the hub unless u plain on buying new ones #3 The hub is a pressed in type of bearing why they made it complicated? i don't know but in the manual it says u need some speacial tools to remove the hub and press the hub back in the bearing race but in the other hand i dint use any speacial tools i used a large socket that fitted on the back of the hub where the axles end sits againts the hub and tapped lightly with a big hammer to remove the hub from the inner race becarefull or eles u bust the dust seal and or bearing... after u have removed it u can remove the 4 bolts/nuts on the rotor to the hub and replace it make sure u check the inner bearing on the hub and make sure its ok and damage free and repack with grease if the bearing is damaged or needs to be change u have to take it to get pressed out from the hub and repressed in as far as the inner race u can use a brass punch to tap it out from the back be carefull not to damage the dust seal #4 after repacking with grease and making sure the bolts/nuts are tight u can now reasemble hub to its braket be for warned that this is my way of doing it cause its hard to obtain the correct tools to do this job unless u have the cash to speacial order them...which i doubt cause its a old car and a pain in the the hub into the inner race take the axle hub and slide it through the hub and carfully tighten the axle nut and make sure that the hub pressed striaght into its braket/inner race bearing reasemble the shock bolts/nuts make sure your marks line up and brake line braket after u reasembled everything placed the tire back on and lower the car down retighten the axle nuts again make sure it is tight put a new pin back in and u just finshed changing the rotor's congrads now do the same thing but for the other side ...........your welcome and enjoy i have a 88 colt and my last engine the jet valve broke into the engine and messed the head and piston and cylinder walls not really bad but it ran like s#hi#t so i disasembled the engine and removed it and got a used engine drove like 3 hours aways from my house and put it in the trunk of another car lol ehh it was fun but make sure when your all done u pump the brakes

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Q: How do you change the rotors on a 1988 Dodge Colt?
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