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Yes, it is a fairly simply procedure. I just did my 2000 Grand Am with the V6 and it took under an hour.

1. Support the engine from below with a jack. Need to support it enough to take the tension off the engine mount. I used a bottle jack with a 2x4 across the oil pan.

2. Remove the passenger side engine mount. 4 bolts here.

3. Place a 3/8" ratchet in the square hole in the serpentine belt tensioner. I used a piece of pipe on the handle for a little more leverage.

4. Use the ratchet to release the tension on the belt.

5. Pull the belt off of the various pulleys, remove from engine.

6. Use the routing diagram on the engine to route the new belt. I left the alternator as the last pulley. Use the ratchet again to release the tension. Pop the belt over the alternator pulley. Release the tensioner. Follow the belt around to make sure it is seated on all pulleys.

7. Replace engine mount.

8. Remove engine support.

9. Make sure all tools are out of engine compartment.

10. Start engine.

For the 2.4 2000 grand am:

You only need a 5/8" box wrench and 1/2"box wrench to use as a wedge.

You don't have to take anything apart, or loosen any bolts.

1. Place the 5/8" on the idler pulley. Keep the 1/2" ready to grab with your right hand.

2. Standing on the passenger side, put pressure on the 5/8" with your left hand (turn it counter clockwise). At the same time, grab the belt below the alternator with your right hand and pull hard on it. You will feel the idler pulley start to lift as the belt gets looser.

3. Pull the idler back as far as you can go. (there was a hose that I had to push out of the way)

4. Drop the belt and grab the 1/2", while maintaining pressure on the 5/8". Carefully place the 1/2" wrench against one of the vanes of the alternator and against the coolant container to act as a brace to lean the 5/8" wrench against.

5. WARNING: the idler pulley has a lot of tension on it now. Wear safety glasses (maybe a mouth guard?) If the 1/2 slips out of place, the 5/8 may go flying.

6. Do not let go of the idler pulley without either:

a) having a belt on it (you've been warned) or

b) having it wedged open

7. Now you can remove the old belt, and put the new one back on very easily.

8. It's almost impossible to see in there, and there isn't much room. I just went by feel. After the new belt is on, carefully relieve the pressure on the pulley, and your done.

It took longer to find my drop light than it did to replace the belt. About 10 minutes.

It was the easiest repair job I ever did. I take my hat off to the engineers who designed this vehicle. Good Job !

10. Double check the alignment of the belt, and listen for any funny noises after you start it up.

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Q: How do you change the serpentine belt on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?
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