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How do you change the serpentine belt on an Oldsmobile 88 Royal?


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2010-08-12 14:41:03
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First you make sure you have a diagram of how the belt is threaded (or check in section 6 of the owners manual)

Start the car and cut the wheels to the right..Shut it off

then take a ratchet with a breaker bar and lift up the tensioner pulley to release the tension.

Then after belt is loose remove the 2 fasteners that hold the wheel well protector on and remove it. This will provide access to the bolt at the bottom of the motor mount bracket ( it's shaped like a [ ).

This bolt feeds through a sleeve that when removed will provide the clearance needed to remove the belt.

Put a jack with a 2x4 on it under the oil pan (just touching, not lifting) to provide support should anything bad happen.

Then with an 11/16s socket remove the lower motor mount screw and spacer this is the only way to get the belt out......reverse procedure.Make sure the new belt is properly seated on the belt tracks.

The spacer is difficult to remove, so through the top is the easiest and perhaps adding a slight bevel to the outside edge and cleaning the ends may help with the reinstalling of the sleeve.

I just did this 2 days before updating this. Spray and wipe clean your tensioner pulley with a little brake cleaner. I also had to remove the tensioner pulley to make sure it spun freely.


To add to this great description:

No work will need to be done to the engine mount which you will see looking down from above. The engine mount is the black coil with a bolt through it, connected to large "fingers" that hold the engine. The bottom one of these "fingers" is the part that your belt will be stuck on when you try to remove it. This part is removable on it's own. As explained above, all the work you will need to do will be done from behind the wheel well panel. Once you've removed the nut described, you will then remove the bolt that it was on. The bolt, or screw, has an end that is workable with a ratchet. This bolt will come all the way out and allow you to remove the spacer described above, with some prying, and allow you to remove the belt.


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In order to change the serpentine belt for a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero, you must obtain a copy of the serpentine belt routing diagram from the manufacturer. Follow the routing diagram. Use a serpentine belt tool for loosening the tensioner. In order to position the belt, use a belt placement tool.

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