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How do you change the shifter knob on an automatic 1998 GMC Jimmy?

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I have a 1998 Jimmy SLT, automatic with floor shifter. It is easier than you might think. If you look closely on the back of the shifter knob there is a retaining pin, looks like a large brad type nail, just pry it out and lift up.

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How do you take off the gear shifter in a 1998 Pontiac grand am?

It is screwed on. Turn it counterclockwise. If it is an automatic there is a little horseshoe clip in the front of the shifter just pop it out and the shifter knob will pop off.

How do you change the shifter cable on a 1998 oldsmbile silhouette?

To change the shifter cable on a 1998 Oldsmobile Silhouette, first you need to disconnect the cable from the shifter, then disconnect it from the engine's control arm. Then replace it with the new cable and make sure it is functioning.

Change 1998 jimmy 4x4 front wheel bearing?

How do you change a 1998 jimmy 4X4 front wheel bearing ?

How do you change shifter linkage 1998 automatic cavalier?

To change the shift linkage in an 1998 automatic Chevy Cavalier the shift linkage needs to be removed from the transmission and pulled from the cabin. The job requires removing the floor console to access the cable. After doing the so the cable can be snaked from inside the cabin, the install is the reverse of the removal.

Why is your 1998 Nissan Sentra with automatic transmission shifter not shifting out of park?

The shifter linkage might be jammed or disconnected. The shifting sensor, that detects if the brake is engaged, may be malfunctioning.

How do you turn off automatic door locks on 1998 jimmy?

Cash for clunkers kind sir.

Why does a 1998 automatic Honda Accord change gears late?

If it has a sport mode switch, normally next to the shifter with a 'S' on it, release it. Check the gearbox fluid level. Get the brake bands, filter and pump checked.

Where is the ETS switch on a 1997 Pontaic Sunfire?

I have a 1998 Pontiac sunfire gt and it is on the side of the gear shifter (automatic) however, if it is standard then I am unsure.

How do you change a heater core in a 1998 jimmy?

Before CHanging the Heater Core, have you tried flushing it? I have a 99' Jimmy and have to do this every year to get my heater to work.

How do you replace a Transmission Modulator Automatic on a 1998 Tahoe?

How do you replace a transmission modular automatic on a 1998 tahoe

What is wrong with a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo V6 automatic when your truck starts fine but can't put the truck into gear?

Sounds like a faulty btsi solenoid (brake transmission shift interlock). Key on push on the brake and listen for a click by the shifter. If no click try wiggling the shifter and pushing forward.

Where is the oil pump on a 1998 GMC Jimmy?

where is the oil pump on a 1998 gmc jimmy in the oil pan.

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How do you remove the floor console in 1998 GMC Jimmy?

carefully pry up on the boot around the shifter disconnect the wires then take the box out of the console and there under the box should be the bolts to remove the complete console

Where is the computer on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

Bolted to the floor in front of the shifter.

How do you change an automatic belt tensioner on a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

I have a 3.1L and there is just 1 screw that holds the tensioner in place.

Does 1998 gmc jimmy have an automatic choke?

Manual chokes stopped being used long before 1998. Chevrolet started using fuel injection on their trucks in the mid-80s. Manual chokes would've died out with carburetors.

Where is the speed sensor exact location on a 1998 gmc jimmy 4x4 sle?

it's on top of the transfer case behind the transmission.look for the 2 prong plug sticking straight out under the driver's side on top of the shifter bracket.

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