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How to replace clutch slave cylinder 1991 Nissan Maxima?

I am paying $195 parts and labor in my 98 maxima

Where is the slave cylinder bleeder valve located on a 1996 Nissan maxima?

It is located near on the transmission, I believe it'snear the motor mount. You will have to get under the car to find it.

How do you change a slave cylinder on a 1991 Mazda MX-6?

How do you change a slave cylinder on a 1995 Mazda B2300 2wd?

How do you change internal slave cylinder to an external slave cylinder on a 1993 wrangler?

no none of the answers were my question

How do you check the clutch slave cylinder on a 1984 Nissan truck?

check for leaks

How do you replace a clutch slave cylinder on a 92 Nissan truck?

first take off slave cylinder, it should be mounted on your frame, then take off hoses, connect hoses to new slave cylinder. mount slave cylinder back to frame and bleed ur clutch for f*****g hours.

How do you change a Slave cylinder mercury mystique?

slave cylinder locationin the Mercury mystique the slave cylinder is located in the transmission. it is connected to the release bearing. the onbly way to change the slave cylinder in this perticular car is to pull the transmission. stupid desing but its a ford so this kind of briliant thinking is

How does one tell if the clutch master cylinder is bad in a 1988 Nissan D21?

Look for leaking fluid at the slave or master cylinder.

Where is slave cylinder on 1997 Isuzu hombre?

The slave cylinder is on the input shaft of the transmission at the throw out bearing. The transmission will have to be removed to change it.

Nissan 240 clutch problems?

If it ain't the clutch itself then its prob. your slave or master cylinder.

How do you bleed a 1995 Nissan Maxima clutch?

Fill Master cylinder Open bleeder on slave cylinder Let fluid run from slave Close bleeder install hose to bleeder on slave Run other end into container partially filled with fluid Have assistant step on clutch Open bleeder Observe fluid running into container Repeat until fluid runs clear (No air bubbles) Tighten bleeder securely

Clutch pedal won't return 2000 Nissan maxima?

sounds like your slave cylinder is bad or your clutch, find your clutch fluid reservoir and see if its full ,if not look for a leak if there is a leak most likely that's the problem and needs replacing.

Where can you find the Clutch slave Cylinder on a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder?

The Clutch slave cylinder is located on the passenger side of the bellhousing.I recommend to replace the Clutch Master cylinder also;if either one is replaced , the other will fail in no time.

Master slave cylinder location Nissan 300zx 1990?

Master Cylinder for brake and clutch are located next to the ABS unit on the firewall of the driver side in the engine bay. Slave cylinder for clutch is located on the bottom of the transmission.

Do you have to pull motor to change the clutch slave cylinder?


Is the slave cylinder on the inside or outside of the transmission of a Ford Ranger 2002?

The slave cylinder is INSIDE the transmission bellhousing , it slides over the transmission input shaft , and then is bolted to the transmission. To change the slave cylinder the transmission has to be removed , but the slave cylinder line can be blead from the bleeder outside of the transmission bellhousing

Where is the slave cylinder on the transmission located 1986 on a Nissan truck it is a 1986 Nissan 720 z engine 2.4 front wheel drive?

From the passenger side,get under truck and look at side front of transmission,theres a hole in transmission with a rubber cover and the slave cylinder is bolted onto it with 2 bolts and the clutch fluid line is attached to the slave cylinder,if bad,then it will be leaking.

How do you adjust clutch Nissan truck 1991?

Check your clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder for leaks,if no leaks,then you need a new clutch kit.

How do you replace a cluth slave cylinder on a 1985 Nissan 720 4x4 ST model?

remove 2 bolts holding it on,then replace, follow line back to bleeder valve,bleed,then bleed at slave cylinder

How do you bleed a clutch on a Nissan stanza?

To bleed a clutch on a Nissan Stanza, you need to find the bleed-off valve, usually somewhere near the slave cylinder.

How do you change the slave cylinder out of a 1994 Ford F250 4x4?

i think you have to change the master and the slave cly as i think ther'e one unit

How do you change the clutch slave cylinder in a 93 Ranger?

very carefully

How do you adjust the clutch on an 87 Nissan pick up?

if its hydraulic,u cant,check your slave cylinder for leaks.

How do you bleed the clutch line on a Nissan 240SX?

The same way you bleed brakes, but use the little bleeder valve on the slave cylinder. The same way you bleed brakes, but use the little bleeder valve on the slave cylinder.

If i replace slave cylinder will that make my clutch disengage and engage correctly?

if i replace slave cylinder in 1994 Honda civic ex will this make my clutch disengage and engage correctlyanswerchange master cylinder and slave properly then bleed the system properly.