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How do you change the spark plugs on 98 Plymouth Neon 2.0L 16 valve SOHC?


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2015-07-15 21:50:54
2015-07-15 21:50:54

Its really better to go to a shop and get it done, seriosly, i don't even mess with spark plugs, if you strip the coils, you will have to replace them, get them made bigger or re-shape them which can cost on average of 1000-2000 dollars, if you do, be extremly careful, try a sparkplug website, the sparkplug brand you choose, but still i know people who know cars back and front, but don't mess with spark plugs, its a biggie....Nick

But In A Sense How Do You, There So far down, what kinda tool do you use.

ok this is how you do it, pop the hood, and look at the center block the peice that says 2.0 16valve, those wires lading to the chanbers pull them out one at at time as your doing each spark plug, pull the first one out and you will see the spark plugs far down you need a ratchet with and extension and a spark plug ratchet head, it has a little peice of rubber in it so it will grab the spark plug, put it down the slot until it is on the spark plug, turn counter clock wise until they are loose, turn until its time too pull out the spark plug, when its ready pull up the spark plug will comeut of the chamber, get the new spark plugs and and gab them with a gabber or go to auot zone and they will do it, gab them .035, lower new spark plug in and turn until tight, don't crank them in there, slowly put them in there you don't want to strip the aluminum, next get some new spark plug wires and like i said do this one at a time put the new spark plug wire on like it was before, that's it your done...Nick


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You need to remove the valve cover ((V8) motor) and remove the spark plug coils, then you can change the plugs.

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There are seals under the valve cover that need replaced to repair oil on the spark plugs.

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Looking at the top of the valve cover there is a cover in the center. The spark plugs are right below that cover.

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remove coil packs from valve cover. they are underneath.

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